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To clear a stoppage in a weapon.


(language, mathematics)
A symbolic mathematics language with ALGOL-like syntax, written in Lisp by Anthony Hearn in 1963.

Reduce 2 is a version based on Portable Standard LISP.

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["REDUCE, Software for Algebraic Computation", G. Rayna, Springer 1987].
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Along with its high fiber content, buckwheat contains the phytonutrient rutin, (3) an oxidant reducer that supports a healthy circulatory system and helps fight high blood pressure.
Neil, "Critical Evaluation of Biocide-Friction Reducers Interactions Used in Shale Flowback Slickwater Fracs," in Proceedings of the SPE International Symposium on Oilfield Chemistry, The Woodlands, TX, USA, 2011 (SPE 141358).
With this torque range, MagnaGear XTR reducers will accommodate more than 5,400 hp, helping make this reducer line well-suited for a variety of high torque applications.
This improvement is essential for this type of reducers as the “shaft mounting” side cover can be directly fitted and mounted on the machinery framework, greatly benefiting the reducer's torsional rigidity and as a consequence the whole application.
* A sturdy, concentric grip of the driven shaft on both sides of the reducer.
The company's other popular item is the PG-series planetary gear reducer featuring high positioning accuracy, high torque, low backlash, low noise and high efficiency, and high compatibility with most servo motors.
Today, most manufacturers of universal gear reducers (Nord, Lenze, Rossi, Siemens, Bonfiglioli, 2010) do not specify the service life of their gear units in their catalogues, because it is a very "flexible" and depends on the actual load and concrete gear ratio, i.e.
Then, on the basis of the known efficiencies of the gear pairs with fixed axes, the efficiencies of the proposed reducers are calculated in the two possible actuation cases (direct and inverse) and the amplification ratio of the input moment for the direct actuation is established.
So, we investigated process of plasma liquid-phase reduction of iron from oxides with application of gaseous reducers.
difficile infection and some commonly used drugs, particularly acid reducers that treat heartburn, indigestion, and stomach ulcers in millions of people.