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To clear a stoppage in a weapon.


(language, mathematics)
A symbolic mathematics language with ALGOL-like syntax, written in Lisp by Anthony Hearn in 1963.

Reduce 2 is a version based on Portable Standard LISP.

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["REDUCE, Software for Algebraic Computation", G. Rayna, Springer 1987].
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Its product lineup is mainly composed of high-precision planetary gearheads, general purpose motors, speed controlled motors, speed controllers, brake motors, torque motors, speed reducers, linear actuators, and precision gear motors.
Featuring objectives made with ED (extralow dispersion) glass, both scopes work with Borg's new f/4 Super Reducer ($995 if purchased separately), which turns these f/6.
An ultra-rigid cast-iron housing for the 2 reducers for installation in any position.
1990) Integral design of frictional planetary reducers, (in Croatian) Ph.
Very large infeed openings and an aggressive, bi-directional cutter design allow the reducer to accept a wide range of mixed bulky materials.
With the new screw conveyor drive option, users can eliminate the need for costly separate v-belt drives by directly coupling their motors to the C-face reducer.
Using this new process, Northern has made reducers from 16- and 8-inch-diameter pipes, Sheldon said, and from 36-and 24-inch-diameter pipes.
To ensure shorter order-to-ship cycles, Quantis gearmotors and reducers feature a complete modular design across all three-product configurations.
Among all of the different designs of speed reducers, right-angle worm-gear reducers are the type most frequently used to transmit power to conveyors.
2917102 Reducers cylindrical stage, horizontal (without engaging Novikova)