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To clear a stoppage in a weapon.
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(language, mathematics)
A symbolic mathematics language with ALGOL-like syntax, written in Lisp by Anthony Hearn in 1963.

Reduce 2 is a version based on Portable Standard LISP.

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["REDUCE, Software for Algebraic Computation", G. Rayna, Springer 1987].
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Furthermore, the left reducible matrix S, obviously, must be selected of the upper triangular form.
Section 3 highlights some aspects of reducible QED.
Alkyd resin is one of the most popular components for waterborne coating systems [43], and most types of modified alkyds can be turned into water reducible form [19].
A water reducible coating that decreases the need for solvents, KEM AQUA 8710 offers low VOC levels less than 2.8 pounds per gallon, allowing manufacturers to meet strict environmental standards without sacrificing the finishing quality and durability required.
The goat was a fresh case with no adhesions and reducible contents.
Might a recognition of the body's (relational) isolatedness open the vexed question of sexual accountability in a manner that is not jointly and respectively reducible to homogeneous categories of sex and presumed consensual commonality?
Therefore , it is reducible , it is expressible as a product of reciprocal polynomials of the first kind of even degree, but each such factor of f ( x ) yields a transformed equation which is a factor in k [y ] of F (y) .Therefore , F (y) is reducible .
The divisibility theory of commutative rings is a fundamental and persisting topic in mathematics that entails two main aspects: determining irreducibility and finding a factorization of the reducible elements in the ring.
Researchers from the Moscow State University (MSU) together with their Swiss colleagues demonstrated that the primary source of noise in microresonator based optical frequency combs is related to non-linear harmonic generation mechanisms rather that by fundamental physical limitations and in principle reducible.
The intervening chapters seek to demystify consumption, arguing that consumer culture is not reducible to capitalist production; that "ethical consumption" discourse unfairly privileges nonlocal ethical concerns, like climate change or GMOs, over local ones, like household provisioning and shopping on a budget; and that as long as economics is dominated by ahistorical models that eschew qualitative research, it'll generate systems antithetical to human welfare.
The second school is type-physicalism, which asserts that all mental types are reducible to physical types.