reducing socket

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reducing pipe fitting

Any fitting, 1 which is used to connect pipes of different size.
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Reducing socket volume may accentuate residuallimb fluid volume loss.
Contract awarded for 30ns-set of gi reducing socket & elbow, one set consisting gi elbow size 2" inch, as per is 1879:2010, type a1, table -4 qty.
,item no: 2 fitting reducing socket galvanised malleable cast iron 19 mm x 12.
reducing Socket, Supplying, fitting & fixing Hand pump no 6 to approve make (Maya), Supplying fitting & 80 mm Flench, Construction of 1 20m X1,20m platform with 0.50m lenth drain (75 mm thick BFS,50mm thick PCC.15 mm th.
Tenders are invited for Reducing Socket 25X15mm Galvdas Per Is:1239-1992 Part Ii Tab.
Tenders are invited for Supply of reducing socket 25x15mm galvd