Reducing Valve

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Reducing Valve


a device that automatically transmits a liquid or gas from a high-pressure cavity to a cavity with lower pressure while maintaining a constant pressure in one of these cavities. A reducing valve maintaining a constant high pressure serves as a safety valve and is used, for example, in lubricating systems and devices. Reducing valves serve as the basic element of such intricate devices as liquid and gas reducers.

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pressure-reducing valve, reducing valve

2. A valve that maintains a predetermined pressure by means of an automatic valve controller.
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Upon the information provided by one of the position transducers, the compensation of the geometrical errors can be made by means of the proportional reducing valves (Deaconescu, 2007).
Then, it will analyze the market for valves in top 10 global countries, including overall market and the market by type which can be divided into check valves; oleohydraulic and pneumatic transmission valves; pressure reducing valves; relief and safety valves.
The TLV steam system, which was designed during a single site visit and includes TLV's COSPECT pressure reducing valves, steam traps and steam safety valves, has continued to deliver a faultless steam supply for the oven since.
HM Prison Peterborough has been equipped with Honeywell pressure reducing valves, chosen for their quiet operation and because they provide the best performance on high and low water demand.
Replacing PRVs (pressure reducing valves) with extraction steam turbines makes sense, especially if the turbines are used to run vacuum pump trains or other direct mechanical uses which are much simpler to operate than electrical generation applications.
Pressure reducing valves are normally open, two-way valves that sense system pressure downstream from the valve inlet.
To ensure proper functioning, pressure reducing valves should be drained to tank.
HONEYWELL compact pressure reducing valves have been awarded the Waterwise Marque, awarded annually to products which reduce water wastage or raise the awareness of water efficiency.
Water consumption in domestic, commercial and industrial premises is easy to reduce using Honeywell pressure reducing valves.
Water consumption in domestic, commercial and industrial premises is easy to reduce using HONEYWELL pressure reducing valves. The water pressure to many premises is much higher than necessary.
Working under a $1 million contract, CCI of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, is providing 24 flow control and pressure reducing valves for the Lanchengyu pipeline in China.
Sterling SPP have won new contracts worth [pound]24,000 for the testing, reconditioning and individual certification of all relief and steam pressure reducing valves at the Trafford Park, Manchester factory of Kellogg's Co.of GB Limited.