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What does it mean when you dream about a referee?

Encountering a referee in a dream may suggest an inner battle between one’s ideals and the ego requirements imposed by what others value. The dreamer may need help defining the rules needed to settle this conflict.

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Pakistan team's coach Mohammad Asif also registered his players' concern about the refereeing to the organisers.
He said BFA must adopt a more robust approach to make refereeing part of football development and deploy a director of refereeing in its structures.
Infantino said VAR had been shown to reduce the number of refereeing mistakes in matches where it has been used and would help football become "a fairer and more transparent sport".
"Because of this fact, I agree with FIFA to ban the entire refereeing group from Saudi Arabia."
Dave Horlick, referee development manager at Liverpool FA, said: "It's a great idea which will give extra support to new officials "It can be difficult when first starting your refereeing career, and the help and extra support the Referees Association can give in invaluable."
The workshop was designed to cover all relative aspects of game scenarios with focus on maintaining on-pitch discipline, enhancing tactical understanding of the game, managing pressure situation and intensity of officiating at highest level as well as inculcating the core values of refereeing.
"For every referee, man or woman, refereeing in the Bundesliga is the ultimate goal," Steinhaus was quoted as saying in a statement posted on the DFB's website.
LIVE HD deployed a Xeebra system from EVS to provide a solution for video refereeing. The UAE Football Association attended the trials through a specialised team from the UAEFA's refereeing department to oversee the technical aspects.
The organization capacity of the federation will be enhanced and quality of refereeing will be visible at National Level.
* To take the referee burden off players so they can concentrate on playing rather than refereeing.