reflectance factor

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The ratio of the reflected flux to the flux incident on a surface.
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The spectrophotometer was used to acquire the 8[degrees]/h spectral reflectance factor of the subject's skin within the test area over the spectral range of 250 nm to 2500 nm at a wavelength interval of 3 nm.
The spectral reflectance factors for sintered PTFE are traceable to the scale for spectral reflectance factor of pressed PTFE, which were established using the absolute method of Van den Akker [3] in the NIST Spectral Tri-function Automated Reference Reflectometer (STARR) facility [4].
The CIE tristimulus values for an object are calculated by combining the spectral power distribution of the illuminant with the reflectance factor of the object and the color matching functions of the observer.
The front surface reflectance factor r([G.sup.60]) captured by the detector of the spectrophotometer at [theta] = 60[degrees] can be experimentally obtained from the gloss measurements on the black specimens with different gloss values by application of Eq.
The xDNA is a weighted vector sum of the measurement directions, with the weights being the reflectance factors for each direction.
Spectral indices with reflectance factors, such as NDVI and waveband ratios based on simple combinations of visible and near-infrared reflectances, have been widely used in the past decades to monitor and estimate vegetation (Daughtry et al., 1992; Wiegand et al., 1991).
Reflectance factors were calculated as the ratio of the target response divided by the reference response corrected for the non-ideal properties of the barium sulfate surface.
Canopy reflectance factors were measured from 6 Jan.