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The reflected pressure is always greater than the incident pressure at the same distance from the explosion.
The envoy said that the EU's ties with Hezbollah were strategic, and dismissed Hezbollah's criticism that the decision reflected pressure from external actors.
Moreover, the reflected pressure waves tend to increase the load to the heart and play a major role in determining the wrist-pulse waveform patterns [5-7].
There were two results of analysis: peak reflected pressure at the plate surface, and incident overpressure in the air at the same distance from the inlet.
The downgrades reflected pressure on the bank's financial strength as a result of heavy investment losses on proprietary investments in September and October 2008 and also because of the deteriorating operating environment for alternative investment providers.
As shown, in Figure 8, the magnitude of reflected pressure increases markedly with decreasing frequency.
ISLAMABAD, February 14, 2011 (Frontier Star): As it was written on the walls that Pakistan would have to face the economic cost for denying release of Raymond Davis, local stock markets reflected pressures on economy squeezing after the US stalled inflows and interactions.