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You can learn how to treat your children's health problems too in a safe, pain-free and effective way through Vertical Reflexology.
Reflexology is based on treatment developed by North American Indian tribes in the last century.
As a practicing reflexologist for 14 years, Gaither says she has seen a steady increase in the popularity of reflexology.
Review: 'This revised version of the Precision Reflexology title is more user-friendly and includes illustrations and charts to give a step-by-step guide as to precise points to target'.
But after a second reflexology session, when Joanne again expressed concerns, Jan decided to go for a check.
Working on the hands or the feet, through reflexology and acupressure, unblocks the channels, allowing the energy to flow as well as reestablishing the balance.
Chandigarh-based chiropractor Sunny Dhind says, foot reflexology stimulates reflex points on the feel by applying pressure and these points correspond to specific areas of the body and when used singly or in combination, produce therapeutic benefit.
Following the baseline interview, women were randomized into three primary groups: reflexology (n = 95), lay foot manipulation (LFM) (n = 95), or conventional care (n = 96).
Dr Carol Samuel, a trained reflexologist and co-author of the study, says: "As we predicted, reflexology decreased pain sensations.
Ms King said: "I'm able to give my son reflexology for the pain whenever he needs it - he even asks for it now - and I hope to offer others treatment eventually from home.
The Four-Point Massage Tool, the Hand Reflexology and Foot Stick Combination Tool, and the Star Hand Tool all have various points and protrusions that are intended to come in contact with reflexology points on the hands and feet.
There are a variety of courses available that can help you prepare for a career in reflexology.