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a regularly recurring melody, such as the chorus of a song



(1) In poetry, a line or group of lines repeated at the end of a couplet. A refrain that forms an entire stanza is generally termed a pripev. The refrain and pripev developed in folk songs, in which the zapev (lead-in) was usually sung by a soloist and the refrain by the chorus. The refrain and zapev then entered literature, mainly genres that were meant to be sung or that were stylized in the manner of folklore. Such fixed verse forms as the triolet, rondeau, rondel, and French ballad are based on refrains.

(2) In music, a theme in an instrumental or vocal work that is stated at least three times and that unites the work structurally. It is characteristic of the rondo and rondo-like forms. Sometimes a refrain becomes the dominant theme and is repeated to emphasize a particularly important idea in the work.

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There is a refusal to resolve this moment into any particular future, a refraining by this writer of Okanagan and Salish ancestry to provide any comfort for readers of survival or reconciliation.
Either way, refraining invites us to have the courage to remain unaffiliated with any particular "better" future.
Furthermore, they acknowledge that they cannot determine whether teenagers who reported refraining from sexual activity were practicing abstinence, selectively rejected sexual encounters or simply lacked opportunity.
Brady SS and Halpern-Felsher BL, Social and emotional consequences o[ refraining from sexual activity among sexually experienced and inexperienced youths in California, American Journal of Public Health, 2008, 98(1):162-168.
The three workers were found not guilty in the charges of attacking a public official and refraining from work.
The workers were accused of refraining from work, assaulting a public official, the chairman of the board who is an army general, and causing damages to a public facility.
Scoring high on peer norms remained a highly significant psychosocial factor in the combined model: More preventive norms about refraining from sex were associated with decreased odds of sexual initiation (odds ratio, 0.
Refraining from work or school is another religious obligation of Yom Kippur.
But, for the moment, times are tough and investors may want to consider refraining on opening or strengthening a position in the company until those earnings estimates turn around.
Refraining from food and drink begins an hour and a half before sunrise and ends an hour and a half after sunset.