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a regularly recurring melody, such as the chorus of a song



(1) In poetry, a line or group of lines repeated at the end of a couplet. A refrain that forms an entire stanza is generally termed a pripev. The refrain and pripev developed in folk songs, in which the zapev (lead-in) was usually sung by a soloist and the refrain by the chorus. The refrain and zapev then entered literature, mainly genres that were meant to be sung or that were stylized in the manner of folklore. Such fixed verse forms as the triolet, rondeau, rondel, and French ballad are based on refrains.

(2) In music, a theme in an instrumental or vocal work that is stated at least three times and that unites the work structurally. It is characteristic of the rondo and rondo-like forms. Sometimes a refrain becomes the dominant theme and is repeated to emphasize a particularly important idea in the work.

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Earlier this week, Interior Minister Socratis Hasikos sent a letter to the mayor asking him to refrain from his duties which extended beyond the municipality to chairman of the Koshi waste management plant.
The first chapter, accordingly, examines the "Concept and Definition of the Refrain.
Bearing this in mind, then, the following two chapters discuss folk song from the angle of refrain: "The Development of Folk Singing, Observed through the Occurrence of the Refrain," and "The Refrain as a Means of Shaping Folk Song.
The idea of "return" still matters, since "return" is what refrains do and since the composition of ghazals involves so many other kinds of return for Ali.
Another element of the manuscript evidence that receives relatively little emphasis is the presence of Occitan song in northern chansonniers; while some of the developments described in the book could have been related to the influence of Occitan lyric in the north, this line of inquiry would not harmonize with the focus on the refrain, which Butterfield convincingly presents as central to the development of French song (and which has a lesser importance in the Occitan corpus).
But even as Pierre' s poem features a courtly philosopher in rustic disguise, it also contains eight separate refrains that function now as dialogue now as internal commentary, and thus mark a break with Occitan tradition.
To the refrain lamenting the lack of priests, therefore, there is a most fitting response: "Adore the Eucharist, honour Mary, obey the Pope, gain vocations.
When a conflict occurs, the first step is to refrain from action.
The refrain prodeas nova nupta, on the other hand, occurs in str.
As a normal practice, Nuveen refrains from offering guidance on prospective financial results, and intends to so refrain after the completion of the offering.
Because of the unwieldy length of the refrains in such cases, the literary rondeau, which in the 15th century began to be distinct from the sung rondeau, often curtailed the refrains in the second and fourth stanzas, leaving only a rentrement ("reentry") of the opening words.
Advanced Forecasting refrains from participating in this practice and instead stands firmly behind its forecast published a year and a half ago.