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see solid wastesolid waste,
discarded materials other than fluids. In the United States in 1996, nearly 210 million tons—about 4.3 lb. (2 kg) per person daily (up from 2.7 lb./1.2 kg in 1960)—were collected and disposed of by municipalities.
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What does it mean when you dream about refusing?

See Garbage.

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An approximately even mixture of garbage and rubbish by weight; contains up to 50% moisture and 7% incombustible solids. Also see trash.
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The two ladies in the dining-room (where worthy Miss Briggs was delighted to be admitted once more to confidential conversation with her patroness) wondered to their hearts' content at Sir Pitt's offer, and Rebecca's refusal; Briggs very acutely suggesting that there must have been some obstacle in the shape of a previous attachment, otherwise no young woman in her senses would ever have refused so advantageous a proposal.
"Nonsense, my dear, you would never have refused him had there not been some one else in the case," Miss Crawley said, coming to her point at once.
Ma tante is ACTUALLY ANGRY that I should have refused him.
Furthermore, he refused to undertake the breaking of as many animals as were offered.
In this connection, using his man's judgment and putting his man's foot down, he refused to allow her to be burdened with the entertaining of guests.
During the process, Ibraimov refused to give a testimony taking the privilege of not answering the questions.
'This will ensure cleanliness and orderliness in the state, and anybody who refused to obey the rules will be penalised,' he said.
"There was an earlier incident between the two communities after which the barbers had refused to cut their hair.
Summary: The police refused to file the case against her.
CHILDREN have been refused places at almost a third of Vale of Glamorgan's primary schools because they are oversubscribed for the next academic year.
Actor Mohemed Ramadan has revealed for the first time that legendary actor Adel Imam refused to act with him twice.
The bench has refused an appeal filed by Javid Khalid seeking rejection of Imran Khan's nomination papers.