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see solid wastesolid waste,
discarded materials other than fluids. In the United States in 1996, nearly 210 million tons—about 4.3 lb. (2 kg) per person daily (up from 2.7 lb./1.2 kg in 1960)—were collected and disposed of by municipalities.
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What does it mean when you dream about refusing?

See Garbage.


An approximately even mixture of garbage and rubbish by weight; contains up to 50% moisture and 7% incombustible solids. Also see trash.
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Caption: Pediatrician perceptions of parents' reasons for refusing vaccines
A third wrote an email apologising to someone for something they had done wrong in real life, another third wrote an email refusing to apologise and the final group had to think about something they had done wrong but did not write anything.
Four black students sit at an all-white lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina, refusing to leave until they are served.
Women like Melissa Kelley, a thirty-five-year-old mother in Allentown, Pennsylvania, are finding, according to the Prevention story, that not only pharmacists but also pro-life gynecologists and family doctors are refusing to let them get their birth control pills.
An Ohio-based group, dubbed Pharmacists for Life International (PFLI), also advocates refusing to fill prescriptions for people whose lifestyles offend fundamentalist religious proclivities.
We support the reporters in current federal court proceedings who are refusing to testify about their confidential sources and now face stiff fines, even jail.
Founders go on harking back to days gone by, clinging anachronistically to the "original concept" and refusing to see that progress requires change.
Some wonder if refusing to care for a person in need of medical attention is analogous to abandonment.
18, Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic, Archbishop of Toronto chose for his text the beheading of John the Baptist for refusing to accept Herodias as the lawful wedded wife of King Herod.
Refusing a second job meant a second cut of an additional $150 per month for a total of $300 per month.
We're hoping that cities see this decision as a signal to be proactive on this issue,'' Parks said, refusing to rule out future legal action against cities that do not retrofit their walkways.
Bush officials have taken such a hard line, sources say, that they're refusing to permit the release of matters already in the public domain - including the existence of intelligence documents referred to on the CIA Web site.