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see solid wastesolid waste,
discarded materials other than fluids. In the United States in 1996, nearly 210 million tons—about 4.3 lb. (2 kg) per person daily (up from 2.7 lb./1.2 kg in 1960)—were collected and disposed of by municipalities.
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What does it mean when you dream about refusing?

See Garbage.

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An approximately even mixture of garbage and rubbish by weight; contains up to 50% moisture and 7% incombustible solids. Also see trash.
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Further, the parents refusing vaccines because of safety/side effects concerns dropped from 73.7% in 2006 to 66.6% in 2013, and those worried about their children receiving too many shots more than halved from 42.1% in 2006 to 17% in 2013.
It claimed that a bakery in Lakewood, Colorado, was hauled before the courts afor refusing to bake a wedding for a same-sex wedding.
"This is accepted by the club in that the charge against Carlos was not one of refusing to play, it was momentarily refusing to resume warming up.
A total of 1,074 drivers under 25 were breathalysed with 47 failing or refusing a test.
Four black students sit at an all-white lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina, refusing to leave until they are served.
For one thing, the plaintiffs ignore the fact that any state can escape all regulation simply by refusing the money.
When his Minnesota employer fired him for refusing to fill birth control prescriptions in that state, he wouldn't leave the building until the police finally dragged him away.
The court noted that the officers were disciplined for refusing to assist in the investigation and to deter other officers from similarly refusing to assist in investigations.
Fundamentalist Christian pharmacists across the country are increasingly refusing to fill certain prescriptions, arguing they have a religious freedom right to avoid dispensing any medications that they believe fosters immorality.
This rash of federal court cases moved the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to launch a petition drive in support of a number reporters facing court sanctions for refusing to obey court orders to reveal their sources.
The Jerusalem Family Court on Tuesday fined a husband NIS 425,000 for refusing his wife a divorce.