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An extensive, nearly level, low desert plain from which fine sand has been removed by wind, leaving a sheet of coarse, smoothly angular, wind-polished gravel and small stones lying on an alluvial soil, strongly cemented by mineralized solutions to form a broad desert pavement. Also known as gravel desert.


Abbr. for “regular.”


1. On drawings, abbr. for register.
2. On drawings, abbr. for regulator.
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Reading the crystal ball backwards," Eccles says, "I think Reg FD may not have been as important as it was if the 1990s hadn't been what they were.
Insurers and analysts have different views on the effects of Reg FD.
As an innovative securities industry leader, OES specializes in smart-order routing, Reg.
REG also announced that it was making excellent progress on its conversion and divestment programs -- two previously announced strategic operating objectives.
Bolduc, who is assuming the position of chairman of REG, declined to comment on the specifics of the proposal, but noted, "Grace's actions reflect our firm belief that the proposal submitted to REG by the Apollo Advisors Group was not in the overall best interests of REG and Grace shareholders as well as the REG bondholders.
Speaking on behalf of the unofficial bondholder committee, Irwin Gold of Houlihan Lokey Howard and Zukin, acting as financial advisor to the committee, said, "The bondholders are very pleased with the recovery that the agreement would provide to all REG security holders, despite the recent weakness of REG's financial performance and the significant operating challenges facing the company.
Statements in this press release regarding Reg Technologies/REGI's business which are not historical facts are "forward-looking statements" that involve risks and uncertainties, including the impact of competitive products and pricing, the need to raise additional capital, uncertain markets for the Company's products and services, the Company's dependence on third parties and licensing/service supply agreements, and the ability of competitors to license the same technologies as the Company or develop or license other functionally equivalent technologies.
MarketAxis(R) (Smart-Order Router), which will track prices in the National Market System and instantly route client orders to the appropriate market center according to sophisticated parameters and logic within Reg.
Reg AB issues must be addressed by issuers, servicers, and trustees; if not properly addressed, there could be delays in new issuance as well as termination of agreements resulting in the creation of new agreements.
The decision provides an extensive and thought-provoking discussion of materiality which is fundamental to Reg FD.