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An extensive, nearly level, low desert plain from which fine sand has been removed by wind, leaving a sheet of coarse, smoothly angular, wind-polished gravel and small stones lying on an alluvial soil, strongly cemented by mineralized solutions to form a broad desert pavement. Also known as gravel desert.


Abbr. for “regular.”


1. On drawings, abbr. for register.
2. On drawings, abbr. for regulator.
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What Reg FD does is make it harder to get a short-term tactical advantage, but if you're in a stock for a long period, you don't care about quarterly gyrations, or getting inside tips on earnings.
Because most companies have already been providing material information prior to Reg FD, insurers are experiencing minimal impact since the rule went into effect.
OES believes it has the right solutions to respond to the needs of the industry for many of the obligations created by Reg NMS.
With Order Trail Recall, we will provide the marketplace with a reliable solution for Reg.
There have been many discussions about Uniform Single Attestation Program (USAP) and Reg AB reporting overlap and the general consensus appears to be that Reg AB reporting requirements and audit provisions are inclusive of the existing USAP requirements.
In responding to the SEC's suit, Siebel Systems brought forth the argument that Reg FD was unconstitutional based on First Amendment rights of free speech, among other constitutional grounds, and that the SEC lacked authority to adopt Reg FD.
In considering the larger question of how Reg FD has affected the balance of public versus private information coming to market, Zitzewitz's study is illuminating: Multi-forecast days now account for some 70 percent of new information about earnings, up from 35 percent before Reg FD went into effect.
By integrating the E4X multi-currency software on its catalog page, Reg.
More than 60 percent of the total respondents said that operating under Reg FD has been more difficult than before FD.
Attached to the Federal estate tax return was Form 8275-R, Regulation Disclosure Statement, in which the estate took the position that Regs.
Taxpayers that have waiver requests pending with the IRS under Regs.