regional area forecast center

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regional area forecast center (RAFC)

A meteorological center designated to prepare and supply area forecasts for flights departing from aerodromes within its service area and supply grid point data in digital form for up to world-wide coverage (ICAO). A Contracting State, having accepted, by regional air navigation agreement, the responsibility for providing an RAFC within the framework of the area forecast system will arrange for that center:
i. To receive global digital grid point data from a WAFC (world area forecast center) to meet the needs of meteorological authorities and other users within its service area, including those needs related to centralized flight planning.
ii. To store the digital grid point data received from a WAFC and to process and supply selectively these data to meteorological authorities and other users in the service area in an agreed format.
iii. To prepare upper wind and temperature charts on the basis of the data received and to supply the relevant charts and abbreviated plain-language amendments to users as agreed between the RAFC and the users within its service area.
iv. To notify the relevant WAFC immediately of the contents of and reasons for any amendments it has issued to the forecast received from the WAFC.
v. To prepare significant weather charts and, as required, significant weather forecast messages in abbreviated plain language, for its area of responsibility.
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