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1. an area considered as a unit for geographical, functional, social, or cultural reasons
2. an administrative division of a country
3. (in Scotland from 1975 until 1996) any of the nine territorial divisions into which the mainland of Scotland was divided for purposes of local government; replaced in 1996 by council areas



(1) A territory identified by certain characteristics or peculiarities. In many cases, a taxonomic unit, as in physico-geographical region.

(2) In certain countries outside the USSR, an administrative and territorial unit, as in Paris region.


(computer science)
A group of machine addresses which refer to a base address.
The union of an open connected set with a subset of its boundary points (which may be the entire boundary or the empty set).
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Zaykova, as cited by the Focus news agency, warned Monday that Bulgaria could be penalized for introducing regionally differentiated minimum wages.
It ranked ahead of Morocco and behind Armenia globally, while it came ahead of Morocco and behind Iraq regionally in economic performance.
However, there are no easy quick fixes and we recognise that significant challenges remain regionally and nationally.
Chapters are organized regionally and make it easy to look up local accommodations and eateries, inland and water adventures, and even small local maps for quick consultation.
Runs Tricare health-benefits plan for members of uniformed services, administered regionally by health insurers.
It is one of very few regionally accredited nonresident programs.
Electricore was established in 1993 in response to a request by the Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as one of seven regionally based advanced transportation technology research and development programs in the United States.
Only 40 per cent of the 62 restaurants surveyed (40 independents, 22 part of a chain) said they sourced most of their supplies regionally, with more than a quarter sourcing all their food from outside the region.
The Linking Arms project aims to promote online access to archive material held locally, regionally, and nationally by libraries, museums, and in private collections.
The city's green-energy sector will expand when a proposed biodiesel production plant fed by regionally grown canola and soy goes into operation by mid-2005.
I emphasize the need to continue to work regionally.
To correct this, FEI Career Services has partnered with LincoInshire International, a regionally focused, outplacement consulting firm with a network of over 100 global offices.

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