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1. an area considered as a unit for geographical, functional, social, or cultural reasons
2. an administrative division of a country
3. (in Scotland from 1975 until 1996) any of the nine territorial divisions into which the mainland of Scotland was divided for purposes of local government; replaced in 1996 by council areas



(1) A territory identified by certain characteristics or peculiarities. In many cases, a taxonomic unit, as in physico-geographical region.

(2) In certain countries outside the USSR, an administrative and territorial unit, as in Paris region.


(computer science)
A group of machine addresses which refer to a base address.
The union of an open connected set with a subset of its boundary points (which may be the entire boundary or the empty set).
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She insisted that regionally differentiated minimum wages would incur irreparable damage to Bulgaria's social security system and would violate the principle of equality among people going into retirement.
Lebanon ranked ahead of Georgia and behind Nicaragua globally, and came ahead of Iran and behind Tunisia regionally on the debt indicators category.
Seventy-two per cent believed they got at least some supplies from regional producers and nearly two thirds (65 per cent) said they would like to source more produce regionally.
As I noted above, we are working regionally to prevent spillover effects to neighboring countries.
Cardiff had three regionally contracted professionals and one apprentice in their team when they played us, which is in breach of Premiership regulations,' said Davies.
The purpose of the present study was to compare the California pass/fail rates of graduates of regionally accredited and those of regionally unaccredited program on both the oral exam for licensure and the written exam, the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).
A project on the scrubland fringes of Austin, Texas could prove to be an important step towards a broader acceptance and wider application of regionally sustainable architecture.
In addition to the Organic Cow of Vermont, there are six other producers who sell fresh, pasteurized organic milk either regionally or nationally.
And `8 Seconds' continues to show endurance regionally, performing above our expectations throughout the Midwest, South and Southeast," Goldman said.
Additional compensation for Board Chairs ranged regionally at the median from $16,000 to $30,000.
Clenergy s efforts would be raised by the Regional Office is a key part of Clenergy s strategic expansion in the ASEAN countries (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) to boost renewable energy regionally.
In its quarterly survey of the country risk of 184 countries, Euromoney magazine ranked Lebanon in 92nd place worldwide and in 11th place among 20 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region in June 2011, compared to 90th place globally and 12th regionally in March 2011, as reported by Lebanon This Week, the economic publication of the Byblos Bank Group.

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