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(1) See retweet and Windows RT.

(2) "Real talk." Being honest. See digispeak.

(3) (RISC Technology) An earlier 32-bit RISC-based workstation from IBM that used the company's ROMP microprocessor and PC AT 16-bit system bus. It ran two versions of Unix: IBM's AIX and AOS (Academic OS), the latter a BSD version. Introduced in 1986 as the RT PC, the "PC" was later dropped to avoid confusion with IBM's x86-based PCs. Not very popular, the RT was superseded by the RS/6000 family. See RISC.
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Constructed, protected, and/or treated so that exposure to intense rainfall will not result in the entrance of water.
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The following questions and answers address the concerns we anticipate registered technologists will have regarding the "CQ2011" initiative.
"Knowing of a violation or a probable violation of any Rule of Ethics by any Registered Technologist, Registered Radiologist Assistant or candidate and failing to promptly report in writing the same to the ARRT." (ARRT Rules of Ethics.)
None of the registered technologists with advanced certification in BD were residents of Arkansas or in the Arkansas sample.
Registered technologists specializing in mammography are, from left, Nancy Welnak, Brenda Mudge, Tisha Howe, Meloney Hayward and Ellen Adams.
There is a significant shortage of registered technologists in the profession right now.
The ARRT's Annual Report to Registered Technologists, published each spring, includes a more comprehensive description of the registry's activities.
However, the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) estimates that there are more than 7,000 registered technologists internationally.
The intent of the project was expanded to providing an educational experience appropriate to all registered technologists and to students enrolled in radiologic science educational programs.

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