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include as a listed disclosure topic, to the extent material to an understanding of the registrant's business, transactions and events that affect or may affect the company's operations, including material changes to a registrant's previously disclosed business strategy;
* permit a registrant, in filings made after a registrant’s initial filing, to provide only an update of the general development of the business that focuses on material developments in the reporting period, and with an active hyperlink to the registrant’s most recent filing that, together with the update, would contain the full discussion of the general development of the registrant’s business.
On October 22, 2018, the NANB Complaints Committee suspended the registration of registrant number 014832 pending the outcome of a hearing before the Review Committee.
Rachel Levine explained that by allowing research centers to partner with more than one clinical registrant, the department hopes that the overall applications will improve.
These applicants include new registrants, those who transfer with reactivation, reactivation, change/correction of entry and reinstatement of records in the list of voters in the National Capital Region.
During the registration process, select "First-Timer--TEI Members Only" as your registrant type, and you will receive the discounted rate.
One of the SEC's proposed 303 amendments would be to eliminate the need to include the first of the three filing years if (1) that discussion isn't material to an understanding of the registrant's financial condition, changes in financial condition, and results of operations and (2) the registrant has filed its prior year Form 10-K55 on EDGAR containing MD&A of the earliest of the three years included in the financial statements of the current filing.
"The registrant's conviction for harassment in 2014 was also a serious matter.
These Standards have always served to set out what is expected of me as an HCPC registrant. They have provided guidance as I've progressed in my career as a physiotherapist, and have assisted me as an educator in articulating these expectations to students as they embark on qualifying in their chosen profession.
Certain outsourced CCOs could not articulate the business or compliance risks of the registrant or, to the extent the risks were identified, whether the registrant had adopted written policies and procedures to mitigate or address those risks.
'You must have a professional development discussion with another NMC registrant, covering your reflections on the Code, your CPD, and practice-related feedback.'

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