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in printing composition, a kind of spacing material in the form of metal or plastic plates ranging in thickness from 6 to 16 points (about 2.25–6 mm) and in length from 2 to 6 squares (36–108 mm). Reglets are used to separate heads and illustrations from the text and to separate columns.

raggle, reglet, raglin

1. A manufactured unit, often of terra-cotta, having a groove to receive flashing; also called a raggle block or flashing block.
2. A groove cut in stone or brickwork to receive flashing.


1. A fillet or small flat-faced projection, as used in a fret molding or to cover a joint between two boards.
2. A raggle.
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11 1135 Foxxman 8 4068 Free Axez USA 7 7-4035 Fry Reglet Corp.
My first day, an elderly gentleman sat me down with various lengths of reglets and, using German vocabulary I had yet to acquire, described the process of setting type.
Preparatory work to dlignement verge of purges on floor, reprofiling the finisher, planing of reglets or milling, as well as erasing horizontal signaling and bridging cracks are also on the march.
For lots 1, 2, 3, 4, the work focuses on possible preparatory work prior to the completion of reprofiling and / or the surface layer including regulations prescribing purges pavement, milling, reglets, cleaning floor raiser Key mouths and various looks, occasional enlargements, shoulder, low walls, concrete ditches, retaining, reprofiling serious work and all consecutive times to longitudinal profiles.

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