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It comes out in the US on February 19 and is described as a "blistering nouveau flamenco number that climaxes in a violent musical battle between Mexican trumpeter Regulo Aldama and Jack White in his fastest solo on record".
It is however panto veteran Roy Brandon's Sarah The Cook - arriving on skates - who helps keep the action on regulo six.
Patricia Perdomo y Regulo Madero, los dos voceros de victimas en la Comision Nacional de Reparacion, EL TIEMPO, Mar.
But "war is business," says Regulo Madero Fernandez of the Corporacion Regional para la Defensa del los Derechos Humanos--CREDHOS.
AFTER the reassuring ritual of watching Top of the Pops 2, there is nothing my two sons like more than sitting around our medievalbrass fendered fireplace, watching the flames flicker on the ceiling (especially with the gas regulo turned up full).