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the interpretation of an abstract general concept (e.g. the STATE) as ‘real’, especially when this is considered to be done illegitimately or misleadingly Thus METHODOLOGICAL INDIVIDUALISTS may take the view that others, e.g. functionalists, reify general concepts such as 'society’ or 'structure. Use of the term originated within MARXISM to refer to the tendency of many non-Marxists, as well as some Marxists, to attribute a rigid ‘thinglike’ status to what should more properly be seen as a complex and changing set of social relationships (see CAPITAL, COMMODITY FETISHISM). However, one sociologist's unacceptable reification may be perfectly acceptable to another. If all general concepts are considered abstract but with a potentially ‘real’ reference, any hard and fast distinction between legitimate and illegitimate reification collapses. Thus there is no standard line in sociology on what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable forms of reification.



a philosophical and sociological concept introduced by K. Marx, referring to a historically transitional form of social relations in which relations between people assume the appearance of relations between things.

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Reification also enhances security of property rights from competing claims.
The fetishistic character of economic forms, the reification of all human relations, the constant expansion and extension of the division of labour which subjects the process of production to an abstract, rational analysis, without regard to the human potentialities and abilities of the immediate producers, all these things transform the phenomena of society and with them the way in which they are perceived.
Axel Honneth, La reification : Petit traite de theorie critique (2)
Reification therefore seems to be, at least to me, the film's fundamental sense and its most important theme.
According to Lambert Zuidervaart, mimesis in Aesthetic Theory refers to "an archaic openness to the other, to the disparate and diffuse and contrary;" mimetic openness, which, because of the condition of total reification in capitalist society, has been driven away from everyday experience as well as from rational knowledge production, "lives on in artworks whose form accommodates the conflicting impulses of their content".
Another example of how narrative inquiry disrupts reification can be seen in the complementary and conflicting representations that multiple stories from the project create.
In his model that negotiation consists of two interrelated components: reification and participation.
In short, there has been a reification and perhaps mummification of the reading act (which is nothing if not uncontrollably "relational") both with regard to expectation and generic characterization.
This article is focused on the fairly widespread judgment among intellectuals in the humanities--and notably in Christian moral theology and ethics--that market capitalism is animated by a human ontology that brings forth the twin deadly evils of human reification within a vicious order of commodification.
Reification refers to the subtle ways in which capitalism replaces older realities such as hunting and gathering with a system founded largely on commodity production, which is also a system for the creation of individual material wealth by manipulation of excess resources.
Thus, for me, the unity that underlies the physical universe results from the reification of God's grand idea for an evolving universe that combines fixed rules, trial and error and human agency.
Intended for experienced developers, the guide covers wildcards, comparison of elements, declarations, reification, reflection, design patterns, sets, queues, lists, and maps.