reindeer moss

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reindeer moss:

see lichenlichen
, usually slow-growing organism of simple structure, composed of fungi (see Fungi) and photosynthetic green algae or cyanobacteria living together in a symbiotic relationship and resulting in a structure that resembles neither constituent.
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Reindeer Moss


any lichen of the genus Cladonia, including C. rangiferina, C. alpestris, and C. sylvatica. Sometimes only the first species is called reindeer moss. Because of their bushy, heavily branched layers, the lichens are occasionally separated into the genus Cladina. It provides good fodder for reindeer. Some species contain usnic acid, which has antibiotic properties.

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is an alga, reindeer moss a lichen, and the air fern's
She'd read about pulverized lichens restoring a stand of reindeer moss in Norway.
The fruticose lichens of the genus Cladonia (known as reindeer moss as they are the reindeer's main food in winter) resume full activity as soon as the snow melts when spring arrives, when the temperature of the thallus is only 41[degrees]F (5[degrees]C).
Their extended Beamish stay will give visitors a great opportunity to enjoy an up-close audience with these magical animals, as well as the chance to feed them with some of their special reindeer moss gathered from a forest floor in Norway.