spot relamping

The replacement of each lamp in a lighting system, individually, at the time it fails. Also see group relamping.
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Luminaires that are only cleaned during relamping may never be cleaned, which could be very problematic in dirty applications such as street lighting.
The installation of LED lamps in place of older metal halide lamps leads to less frequent relamping and thus lower maintenance costs.
Partner, Gina Sansivero, says of the sponsorship opportunity, “RelampIt recognizes the value in being part of this new style of efficient and informative collaboration and is excited to support the productive collaboration of regional educators.” RelampIt will also have a table on the exhibit show floor to inform attendees about the multiple benefits of relamping.
The housing features a room side access door for serviceability and for relamping the replaceable LED strips.
Spot LED features advanced high-power LED technology, maximising light output and efficiency and eliminating the need for relamping. This translates to very substantial energy and maintenance savings compared with traditional halogen fixtures -- making it a truly sustainable solution.
The work to be performed provides for facility management services; facilities investment services consisting of operation, maintenance, repair, minor construction and alteration services for buildings, structures and facility systems, water treatment services, backflow preventer maintenance, locksmith services, relamping services, roof inspections, fire protection, etc.; pest control; grounds maintenance; street sweeping services; and environmental services consisting of completing samplings and inspections.
The impetus for relamping two of his stores came from the availability of power company rebates that covered more than 80 percent of the expense.
Having just completed a relamping at its 125,000sq.-ft, sister plant in Wellford, SC, M&A provided information to help Firestone decide on and implement a suitable lighting scheme.
To keep lamps, such as metal halides, working properly and to reduce the need for rampant spot relamping, some experts recommend a preemptive process called "group relamping." When lamps are maintained using group relamping, all lamps are replaced at the same time.
Since they're attached to the "snap in/out" comfort snoot, relamping and field exchange of optics can be done quickly as display changes are needed.
Amtech Lighting Services provides a complete range of lighting services, including: Survey, Design, and Installation of Lighting Retrofits; Group Relamping and Lighting Fixture Cleaning; Planned Lighting Management Agreements; Electrical Sign Repairs; Outdoor Lighting Design, Installation, and Maintenance; Electrical Rollout Projects; and Lighting retrofits, with flexible payment options