relational operator

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relational operator

[ri′lā·shən·əl ′äp·ə‚rād·ər]
(computer science)
An operator that indicates whether one quantity is equal to, greater than, or less than another.

relational operator

A symbol that specifies a comparison between two values. See also ampersand codes.

Relational Operator             Symbol

 EQ   Equal to                   =

 NE   Not equal to        <> or  #  or !=

 GT   Greater than               >

 GE   Greater than or equal to   >=

 LT   Less than                  <

 LE   Less than or equal to      <=
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A split operator is used to partition or replicate the stream of tuples produced by a relational operator.
68) in a pseudocode of Pascal with infix relational operators embedded and declarations omitted.
Under the semantics of the relational operators, an interpretation I gives a value I[[e]] to each relational term e, and thus a value I[[f]] to the formula f as a whole.
For example, PARADOX and CONDOR are very fast, but CONDOR lacks a programmable environment in which relational operators can be nested in a conventional 3GL language.
Users may also search on document numbers using relational operators (<, =, >, <=, >=).

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