relative autonomy

relative autonomy (of the state)

(MARXISM) the conception that STATE forms are not fully determined by the economic base (see RULING CLASS AND DOMINANT CLASS, BONAPARTISM).
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Up until Amit Shah's reaffirmation, the Kashmir conflict remained frozen, but it's now thawing after India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party nationalists fulfilled their campaign promise to rescind the relative autonomy that had earlier been bestowed upon Jammu and Kashmir.
Because of Hong Kong's relative autonomy, it comes under different regulations than China regarding legal and travel matters, according to Taiwan's laws, the groups said.
Currently, there has been some progress on holding talks over the Tibetan region as the Tibetans demand for relative autonomy from China if not separatism.
While the clinical and financial divisions of labor in the healthcare space have traditionally operated with relative autonomy from one another, the reality is that they exist as two sides of the same coin.
Addressing journalists on Friday in Abuja, Obadiah said the spirit of Nigeria federalism is driven from the reality that diverse people came together to form a country while enjoying relative autonomy and self-determination within their various nationalities and ethnoreligious communities.
In emphasizing the importance of antilabour repression, they unnecessarily give short shrift to the relative autonomy of the state and political parties.
A composite index of self-determined motivation, the relative autonomy index (RAI), was calculated using the individual scale average scores as follows: Relative autonomy index (RAI) = +3(intrinsic motivation) +2(identified regulation) - 1(introjected regulation) -2(external regulation) - 3(amotivation).
In this sense, they work as social fields, in themselves, with relative autonomy and holding their proper rules.
Physician assistants can prescribe medication and their charts do not need to be co-signed by a supervising physician.<br />This relative autonomy could help physician assistants substitutefor doctors in rural communities that lack physicians.<br />Clarification: This story was updated to include Washington County in the western Maryland region the Frostburg program hopes to serve.
For decades, most large P/C carriers relied on their individual business units to be responsible for managing day-to-day operations with relative autonomy, while corporate was more concerned with the company's financial solidity.
'In Africa, this is the time for relative autonomy in dealing with policy issues,' he said.
Party government during this period was also burdened by a lack of cohesiveness, fragmented political power, and the relative autonomy of the military.

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