relative autonomy

relative autonomy (of the state)

(MARXISM) the conception that STATE forms are not fully determined by the economic base (see RULING CLASS AND DOMINANT CLASS, BONAPARTISM).
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In Africa, this is the time for relative autonomy in dealing with policy issues,' he said.
The relative autonomy of North Africa only increased after the Abbasid Revolution in 750, which saw a new family accede to the caliphate and a new capital for the Muslim world built at Baghdad.
Indeed, the author notes that while Boadella's planned plotlines are recognizable in the final product, they also assume and incorporate the relative autonomy of actors in the creative process.
The move by mainland China is the latest chapter in an ongoing tussle between Beijing and Hong Kongers who worry that the city's relative autonomy, protected until 2047 under the handover agreement, is already being eroded," reports Jason Thomson for the Christian Science Monitor.
It departs from the premise that the idea of relative autonomy of subnational governments, which is embedded in South Africa's 1996 constitution, has remained largely underdeveloped owing to factors such as inherent ambiguities in the constitutional design, a strong centralising ethos on the part of the ruling party and generally weak provincial capacities.
Head teachers, their relative autonomy and disproportionate powers, are the latest example of this ill-thoughtout Thatcherite policy, which is now rampant in Labour Wales.
Paris once contemplated a Alawite state (Dawlat Jabal Al Alawiyyin or, as it labelled it, EaAetat des Alaouites) alongside a Jabal Druze -- thus creating two separate areas that enjoyed relative autonomy from 1920 to 1946 -- that would not be in a loose association with Damascus.
He discusses authentic metaphysics, the three acts of the mind (simple apprehension, judgment, and reasoning), and the intuition of being and how it is the root of all authentic metaphysical knowledge; the metaphysics of the life of the practical intellect and the role of free choice; the human person as subject; the problem of evil, the role of human freedom in moral life, and the relationship between the relative autonomy of human freedom and the predestination to God; and the strengths and limitations of philosophy in exploring the spiritual dimension of reality.
Inmates had enjoyed relative autonomy in Block B and prevented security forces from entering the building for years.
However, he demonstrates that social media is not only different from that of the Internet with a high degree of relative autonomy in its relationship with the Internet.
In the hands of unscrupulous local executives, however, relative autonomy can allow corruption to flourish undetected.
There are many versions of the principle, but at its core is the idea of the due respect for the relative autonomy of all social organizations, and of trust in the human capacity for associating with others to solve common social problems.

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