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Nonetheless, Kokkinos argues that at least implicit in Josephus' relative chronology (although unbeknownst to him) is the identification of the Queen of Sheba with the female Egyptian King Tausret ("Thuoris") and of Shishak with Ramesses III ("Rhampsinitos").
Once a relative chronology is established, it is possible to make assumptions such as: "A was recovered from a deposit located above B; therefore, the [sup.14]C age of A will likely post-date that of B." If this assumption is disproved, it is then reasonable to seek a reason why the measurement does not conform to expectations.
By studying how the boundaries between units crosscut one another, mission scientists can determine which units overlie others, and assemble a relative chronology for the different units.
At Kverkarhellir, Ahronson is successful in setting out a relative chronology of spoil and tephra-layering that indicates the cave was constructed prior to the Norse landnam.
A sampling of topics: the accentuation of neuter nouns in Slovene and West Bulgarian, the Indo-European stative in Slavic, the relative chronology of Slavic accentual developments, temporal gradation and temporal limitation, syntax and semantics in the history of Chinese, and Russian syntax and semantics, among other topics.
Among the first problems are Alden's arguments for redating the relative chronology of these chansonniers, with her ultimate conclusion that the Nivelle manuscript--currently assumed to have been copied first--should instead be placed third in the general chronology, after the main layers of Laborde and Wolfenbuttel.
New Chapters in the Life of Paul: The Relative Chronology of His Career.
In the publication that followed shortly after the conclusion of the excavations, Jakob Wiedmer-Stern (1908) discovered intuitively a relative chronology in the occupation of the cemetery, growing from north to south--an idea that will emerge much later as the method known as 'horizontal stratigraphy'.
Chapter viii offers a wealth of new, convincing observations about the artist's collaborative relations with printmakers, the relative chronology and (at times deliberately obscure) meaning of the prints, and his own production of etchings.
A number of papers are based on ichnofabric analysis, an approach to documenting the relative chronology and intensity of infaunal tiering that is enjoying a vogue among ichnologists, but papers that maintain the traditional ichnological emphasis on Seilaeherian ichnofacies are also represented.
You will not find elaborate schemes of relative chronology, nor hypotheses about the relationships between these paintings and other paintings outside Australia.
Vlastos's conclusion about the relative chronology of the two dialogues is less convincing, since he bases it on the debatable premise "that the order of composition has to be the same as the order of growing insight" (p.

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