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The results of the present study indicate that the biological effects of a 60[micro]T static MF can be disrupted by a weaker ELF MF and that the relative direction of the ELF field is critical in this effect.
To apply the beamforming technique to the buoys which move and rotate with waves, the POB scheme first calculates the relative direction of the destination node to the transmitting antenna arrays.
Additionally, 28 submerged flow-drive units can simultaneously and independently drive current across the tank in any relative direction, moving up to 5 tonnes of water per second to create a conveyor belt of moving current above and below a raisable floor.
When selecting the relay set, RLMB proposes the use of a dynamic factor ([[beta].sub.rd]) to adjust the nominal radio range (NRR) according to the vehicles relative direction (rd).
We use the entropy value [E.sub.o] of normalized direction and the minimum mean value [M.sub.o] of relative direction to characterize this phenomenon.
Figure 12 shows that, without the influence of the die, the local symmetry axes varied significantly in their relative direction (tilt angle) from position to position.
* apply the language of relative direction (left, right, right angle turn, forward, back);

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