relative settlement

differential settlement

Relative movement of different parts of a structure caused by uneven sinking of the structure.
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Consequently, the relative settlement of 10% of pile diameter is widely accepted, as a criterion which helps to determine the ultimate load.
The performed tests yielded that the relative settlement of sand stratum corresponding to the ultimate state (when high level plastic deformations occurred) was 3.1%, even for sufficiently loose sand strata.
Here, data obtained from the investigated landfills show extremes in landfill height confronted with absolute and relative settlement. Relative settlement in percentage is defined as the absolute settlement in proportion to the distance between the landfill top point and bottom.
On top of the values of absolute settlement [DELTA]H (m) which demonstrate well the course of settlement, the interpretation works often with relative settlement [epsilon] = [DELTA]H/H (%) at a graphical semi-logarithmical scale.
Maximum value of the landfill height and the absolute and relative settlements of the surface.
virginica shell to obtain a relative settlement index (RSI).
The relative settlement index (RSI) was affected by Substrate, Biofilm, the interaction between the two, and the interaction between Species and Substrate (Fig.
There were no significant differences among the three oyster types tested in their relative settlement on the various substrates tested (P > 0.05) with two exceptions.
Thus, although fish spawned around the new moon have low settlement success (relative to other members of their monthly cohort) in some months, they have higher relative settlement success in others.
The relative settlement rate in the two areas varied from year to year and in 1994 the model results showed more settlement offshore than onshore (not shown).