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Sculptured work, carving, casting, or embossing that is raised above the plane of its background. Also called relievo; see bas-relief, demi-relief, high relief, mezzo-relievo, sunk relief.
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Speaking ahead of Relievo's Dubai debut, RE-ger said the fine-art replicas will enable onlookers to "enjoy the passion of Van Gogh, the brightness of his colours and the energy of his brushstrokes" in your own environment.
There's a main heading in Relievo type: "Cerca del Mundo" above a found image of a Mexican resort town.
That is one of complicated design--architecture, jewelry, relievo, diagrams and plans, endless and always beautif ul design; perfectly accurate,--even mathematically so-- perfectly artistic, complete, and exquisite.--I used to draw and paint; but it would be the toil of weeks or months to execute what I see; and I am sure that I have never seen its prototype.
This, then, determines the relievo of the sound form; that is, the approach to sound; that is, simultaneous and nonsimultaneous orderings; that is, simultaneous nonsimultaneity; that is, once again, what the space in each instant is to be, and how its multidimensionality reverses, breaks down, and ensnares sound occurrences, Example 11 and Example 11a.(12)
What honest, homely, earth-loving houses they used to live in, so low you can put your hands on the eaves behind!--the broad chimney, built for comfort, no alto or basso relievo! The air is of crystal purity,--both air and water so transparent, the fisherman tries in vain to deceive the fish with his baits.