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Sculptured work, carving, casting, or embossing that is raised above the plane of its background. Also called relievo; see bas-relief, demi-relief, high relief, mezzo-relievo, sunk relief.
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That is one of complicated design--architecture, jewelry, relievo, diagrams and plans, endless and always beautif ul design; perfectly accurate,--even mathematically so-- perfectly artistic, complete, and exquisite.
This, then, determines the relievo of the sound form; that is, the approach to sound; that is, simultaneous and nonsimultaneous orderings; that is, simultaneous nonsimultaneity; that is, once again, what the space in each instant is to be, and how its multidimensionality reverses, breaks down, and ensnares sound occurrences, Example 11 and Example 11a.
The earliest known reference to it is a poem 'On an Emblematical Basso Relievo after a famous Picture of Nicolas Poussin, Representing Shepherds pointing to the following Inscription on a Monument in Arcadia: Et in Arcadia Ego' by Thomas Seward (father of Anna Seward, the 'Swan of Lichfield').