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An anonymous remailer is a server computer that receives messages with embedded instructions and then forwards them without revealing the original source.
Mathewson, "Mixminion: design of a type III anonymous remailer protocol", in Proc.
Remember, however, that the free screensaver or song that you're downloading might include some code that will turn your computer into a robotic remailer for somebody's spam.
proposing limited liability for remailer operators).
Robyn Wagner, Comment, Frontiers of law: The Internet Ad Cyberspace: Comment: Don't Shoot the Messenger: Limiting the Liability of Anonymous Remailer Operators, 32 N.
Consequently, cyberstalkers who use an anonymous remailer as the sole means to send threatening or harassing e-mail messages will remain virtually undetectable to the victim and law enforcement.
You can print your catalog in the United States and inject it directly into the domestic postal stream of your target country or region with the help of a remailer or foreign postal authority.
194) Anyone trying to trace the e-mail back to the sender would be unable to get beyond the anonymous remailer as these services generally have a policy of destroying the logs of their operations.
But since remailer computers are designed to be anonymous, they usually don't log e-mail that has passed through them.
This safeguard is to a certain degree eliminated by the use of certain mail servers known as "anonymous remailers," mail servers designed to conceal the sender's identity by replacing the message's return address with an address pointing to the remailer.
Use an anonymous remailer if you want to send a message without revealing your identity.
This way, no single remailer knows both where the message came from and where it is going.