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Motivated by the contour plot in Figure 4, the following factors are studied to enhance its homogeneity; the first factor is the aspect ratio of GMM geometry and the alternative factor denotes the remanent flux density of PM patches.
A few samples were also, after AF-demagnetization, progressively magnetized up to 900 mT or 2 T using the Magnetic Measurements pulse magnetizer (MMPM10) and then stepwise demagnetized ([less than or equal to] 100 mT) using LDA-3 to obtain information about saturation remanent magnetization ([M.
If the PMs have high remanent flux density, it is difficult to inset the PMs within the rotor iron.
All the shoots and the remanent roots were oven-dried (75degC, 48 h) and weighted.
La clasificacion Adhesive Remanent Index (ARI) utilizada en diferentes estudios cuantifica de manera subjetiva la cantidad de adhesivo remanente en la superficie dental y en el bracket en porcentaje.
It is very likely that the next election will see the Liberal Democrats reduced to a pitiful remanent, similar to the Liberal Party of the 1950s, when they had only five MPs and could all fit into one taxi.
Goethite is known to exhibit a remanent paramagnetic signal due to defects that accounts for these observations (44-45).
Hic casus et conditio etiam nunc apparet, alii redimuntur, alii remanent servi.
En accord avec la quete d'une origine universelle, l'ailleurs dont temoigne Maria Sabina pour les Mexicains est moins celui d'un autre espace, que celui du temps remanent des civilisations prehispaniques disparues, terreau national des racines imaginaires du peuple mexicain.
Remanent induction Br on the other hand increases with increasing [f.
Ferro: Solvene is an organic ferroelectric material exhibiting a large remanent polarisation, polarisation stability, low leakage for high resistivity, and short switching times.