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Aspire has no right to require Remark to make any sales, but is obligated to make purchases as Remark directs, in accordance with the terms of the purchase agreement.
What Is the Significance of a Remark Being Labeled as Stray?
Kyle Paisley, a minister in the Free Presbyterian Church, made the remarks after the First Minister defended Pastor James McConnell who described Islam as "satanic" and "heathen".
Ashok Khemka is likely to file an appeal before the referral board, saying the adverse remark were politically motivated.
Nikiforos Diamandouros, received a positive reply from EU institutions in 78% of cases where he issued critical remarks and made suggestions for improvement in 2010 (81% in 2009).
After failing to address the remarks for four days, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said, "the president believes the senator is an inclusive man.
Reports about the remark sparked controversy because North Korea officially said eight of Japanese nationals it abducted in the late 1970s and early 1980s had died of diseases or in accidents.
On the evidence presented, the commission were not satisfied that the first remark had taken place.
The latest version of our Remark Web Survey product includes features suggested by our current users, so we are confident that this software solution will help our customers collect data even more efficiently," said Dr.
Because these remarks are upsetting and frustrating, it's important to take time out and remember that "this is work, not love," warns Scott.
If the remarks have hurt the feelings of women in general and female litigators and litigants in particular, I deeply regret the same,' the chief justice observed in an open court while heading a three-judge Supreme Court bench.
Through the acquisition of the company, Remark Media enters the quickly expanding mobile travel market, gaining access to the expertise of Hotelmobi's executives Michael Reichartz and Jim Ferguson, the buyer's CEO, Kai-Shing Tao, said.