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an element or an independent form of human activity in which particular aspects of an impending act of reproduction are formed. Together with retention and reproduction, remembering is one of the basic components of memory. The problem of remembering was first dealt with systematically by Plato. The first experimental study of remembering was undertaken by the German psychologist H. Ebbinghaus (1885) within the framework of the associationist school of psychology. The inadequacy of the concept of remembering as a mechanical imprinting and an associative linking of traces was, however, demonstrated by the German school of psychology of G. Muller (1850–1934). Remembering occurs in accordance with the meaningful organization of material and, as a rule, is involved in the solution of an actual problem (B. V. Zeigarnik, 1927). The works of the Soviet psychologists A. N. Leont’ev, P. I. Zinchenko, and A. A. Smirnov have shown that the development of specifically human social and historical forms of memory is associated with the transition from “direct” to indirect modes of remembering and with the perfection of the means of remembering and their interiorization, by virtue of which human memory acquires a voluntary and conscious character. The study of remembering has received clinical application in the diagnosis of localized brain damage and in psychiatry.


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The test showed that learning the pictures is much more difficult when simultaneously remembering a word.
If the intention of Remembering to Forget were simply to deplore the fact that people today no longer react to the Holocaust with the same unfiltered immediacy and urgency as in the 1940s, the book would be the product of a sentimentalist or moralist.
At this very moment, God holds each of us in holy memory, remembering who we were created to be, inviting us to embrace that identity.
You might want to link the journey to the data, such as remembering sports stats en route to your local leisure centre.
His special emphasis on remembering the Shoah has been a hallmark of his pontificate.
One of the most common complaints among healthy seniors is difficulty remembering names in social situations, he said.
As volunteers study word lists, clusters of neurons in the rhinal cortex and the hippocampus--adjacent brain areas already implicated in memory--fire synchronized electrical bursts that pave the way for remembering those words later, argue Jurgen Fell of the University of Bonn in Germany and his colleagues.
We had come there to remember Estefania, and in remembering her, we were remembering Jesus.
You'd want the students generations from now attending your old high school to spend a few minutes on the Friday before Memorial Day remembering you.
This approach proves more efficient than cramming the brain with one memory after another, each stored in its entirety within a cavernous cerebral library, but it also creates the possibility of remembering things that never happened.