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an element or an independent form of human activity in which particular aspects of an impending act of reproduction are formed. Together with retention and reproduction, remembering is one of the basic components of memory. The problem of remembering was first dealt with systematically by Plato. The first experimental study of remembering was undertaken by the German psychologist H. Ebbinghaus (1885) within the framework of the associationist school of psychology. The inadequacy of the concept of remembering as a mechanical imprinting and an associative linking of traces was, however, demonstrated by the German school of psychology of G. Muller (1850–1934). Remembering occurs in accordance with the meaningful organization of material and, as a rule, is involved in the solution of an actual problem (B. V. Zeigarnik, 1927). The works of the Soviet psychologists A. N. Leont’ev, P. I. Zinchenko, and A. A. Smirnov have shown that the development of specifically human social and historical forms of memory is associated with the transition from “direct” to indirect modes of remembering and with the perfection of the means of remembering and their interiorization, by virtue of which human memory acquires a voluntary and conscious character. The study of remembering has received clinical application in the diagnosis of localized brain damage and in psychiatry.


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For the ultimate and everlasting remembering is when God remembers us for the sake of Jesus Christ.
One of the unique things about the Jewish tradition is that the value of remembering was maintained even long after it was possible to write things down.
n Mrs Margaret Barrell, remembering and thinking of you constantly, remembered by your sister Melanie and Duncan XXX
It is quite probable that some bilinguals may have been more adept at verbally stating their memory strategies than others, due to heterogeneity of prior socialization, making it unlikely to identify what and how each participant was remembering internally and/or externally, further illustrating the dynamic role of language(s) with respect to bilingual memory.
That's when I felt like not remembering would be a good thing for me.
Joan Millington sends pounds 10 'remembering Martyn, a dear son on his birthday, April 9.
It's our choice; remembering that success and failure of life are based on our choices.
Unlike remembering, say, your history homework, you remember pleasure more quickly because of a chemical called dopamine.
She succeeds in remembering, in a calm and settled way, the pictures of our lives.
Importantly, her film "remembers" that the gesture of remembering that little unidentified boy is somehow part of the process.
Barbie Zelizer, Remembering to Forget: Holocaust Memory through the Camera's Eye.