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Refers to any entity (user, machine, facility) in a different geographic location. Contrast with local.

What does it mean when you dream about a remote?

Remote in the sense of a television remote may relate to control issues that suggest the dreamer’s “buttons are getting pushed” by a relationship that feels too controlling. If, in terms of the alternative meaning of the term “remote,” the dreamer feels distanced by the objects or people in their dream, perhaps they are mirroring the ways in which they distance themselves from people in their environment.

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However, the loss is not covered if the covered risk was only a remote cause of the loss, or the excluded risk was the efficient proximate or predominant cause.
We are not the immediate cause, neither are we the remote cause of what's happening right now to Sen.
time immediate cause the butter was added too quickly remote cause the chef did not get a good night's sleep importance main cause the butter was too cold contributing cause the cooler's thermometer malfunctioned
Examples of the former include his knowledge of the moon's influence on the rides and the diameter of the earth, whereas examples of the latter include his theory that black people have darker skin because their mother's womb over cooked them; the claim that if you push a person falling from a mountain at a right angle, the force of the fall will be measured from the height of the push as opposed to the initial height of the fall; and the claire that Socrates slew a pair of poison breathing dragons (actually, he was just the remote cause of their demise, but why ruin a good story?
They became a remote cause, rather than a team at the heart of their community - and Jenkins is the first to admit that they forgot who they were and what made them such a unique force.
Curley, on the other hand, treats attributes of substance as the most general laws, and he treats singular things as facts, seeing God as the proximate cause of infinite modes and the remote cause of finite modes.

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