remotely operated vehicle

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remotely operated vehicle:

see submersiblesubmersible,
small, mobile undersea research vessel capable of functioning in the ocean depths. Development of a great variety of submersibles during the later 1950s and 1960s came about as a result of improved technology and in response to a demonstrated need for the capability
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remotely operated vehicle

[rə‚mōt·lē ‚äp·ə‚rād·əd ′vē·ə·kəl]
A crewless submersible vehicle that is tethered to a vessel on the surface by a cable; it has a video camera, lights, thrusters that generally provide three-dimensional maneuverability, depth sensors, and a wide array of manipulative and acoustic devices, as well as special instrumentation to perform a variety of work tasks. Abbreviated ROV.
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At depths of 1,600 meters or more, Haddock and his colleagues used a remotely operated vehicle to study three of the fragile siphonophores.
and Canada opportunities to explore marine-related careers through internship programs and an annual remotely operated vehicle (ROV) design competition.
Founded in 1989, Bowtech is a supplier of rugged cameras and LED lighting sources deployed in the most extreme environments within the remotely operated vehicle, defense, oceanographic, nuclear and marine science industries.
In addition, Maersk Oil will deploy a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) on Friday to investigate a stretch of pipeline between the Rolf and Gorm platforms to try to locate the source of the leak.
Jason, a remotely operated vehicle servicing ocean-bottom instruments at the Hawaii-2 Observatory in the Pacific Ocean, was capturing the pictures as the bizarre fish hovered just above the seafloor at a depth of about 5,000 meters.
The assignments include the installation of pipelines and umbilicals, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) support, testing and commissioning, as well as inspection, repair and maintenance activities.
Last May, Clague and his colleagues sailed to the central Pacific on a research ship and sent its remotely operated vehicle 3,300 m deep to study seafloor temperatures.
25 October 2010 - Norwegian company Farstad Shipping ASA (OSL: FAR) said today it won a five-year charter, worth some NOK335m, for its vessel Far Scotia to operate as remotely operated vehicle (ROV) support vessel in Brazil.
DOF will charter three remotely operated vehicle (ROV) support vessels for five years.

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