remotely piloted vehicle

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remotely piloted vehicle

[ri′mōt·lē ¦pī·ləd·əd ′vē·ə·kəl]
(aerospace engineering)
A robot aircraft, controlled over a two-wave radio link from a ground station or mother aircraft that can be hundreds of miles away; electronic guidance is generally supplemented by remote control television cameras feeding monitor receivers at the control station. Abbreviated RPV.
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remotely piloted vehicle (RPV)

remotely piloted vehicle (RPV)
Predator tactical unmanned aerial vehicle.
An aircraft, such as a drone, unattended by a human pilot within it but kept on course by a preset or self-reacting device or radio command. Also called a pilotless aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and uninhabited combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) if it has the capability for armament delivery. See also drone.
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More than 50 nations today have unmanned aircraft and could employ them against the United States and its remotely piloted vehicles during a conflict.
In an audience poll, conducted live during the session, most participants did not believe remotely piloted vehicles would be sharing the same controlled airspace as civil traffic by 2018.
What were previously known as "unmanned aircraft vehicles" and "remotely piloted vehicles" are now characterized as "unmanned aircraft systems." This designation encompasses not only the aircraft, but also a diverse set of sensors and weapons, remote pilot and sensor operators, data links and the associated architectures that enable remote control of the aircraft, transmission of the data collected, and the processing facilities and personnel that receive, exploit and disseminate the resultant intelligence.
A major aim was to acquire components for remotely piloted vehicles.
Williams does a brilliant job of addressing the facts, clarifying much of the conjecture and myth surrounding the use of remotely piloted vehicles. Whatever biases he holds are well concealed, and he never allows his feelings to sway the drone argument one way or another.
High profile targets will receive the attention of divers and, in waters too dangerous for divers, piers and hulls will be inspected with remotely piloted vehicles.
AS PART OF ITS wide-ranging rearmament programme, Iran has been scouring Western markets for components for the domestic assembly of remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs), or drones, although most of Tehran's attempted purchases have been blocked.
This sweeping survey of the age of manned flight is timely and appropriate, especially as we head deeper into the unheroic age of satellites and remotely piloted vehicles. Higham and Parillo deliver a fitting epilogue to a passing era.
Further, UAVs such as the Predator, equipped with the Hellfire missiles, now are being named "remotely piloted vehicles" or RPVs.

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