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(graphic arts)
Methods or techniques that are used to display realistic-looking three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional medium such as a computer display.
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1. A drawing, especially a perspective of a building or interior space, artistically delineating materials, shades and shadows, done for the purpose of presentation and persuasion.
See also: Design drawing
2. A coat of plaster applied directly to an interior wall or stucco on an exterior wall; a perspective or elevation drawing of a project or portion thereof with artistic delineation of materials, shades, and shadows. See also: Plaster
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1. Applying a coat of plaster directly on an interior wall or stucco on an exterior wall.
2. A perspective or elevation drawing of a project or portion thereof with artistic delineation of materials, shades, and shadows.
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(graphics, text)
The conversion of a high-level object-based description into a graphical image for display.

For example, ray-tracing takes a mathematical model of a three-dimensional object or scene and converts it into a bitmap image. Another example is the process of converting HTML into an image for display to the user.
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browser engine

The underlying software that turns HTML pages into the Web page the user sees. A browser engine includes the programming interface (API) and the rendering engine, which converts HTML and JavaScript into text and images for the screen and printer. Also called a "layout engine," a browser engine is also used by email programs that support HTML (most do), as well as other applications that render Web content. Following is a sampling of most browsers. See API, HTML, JavaScript, HTML email and render.

                    Browser   RenderingBrowser             Engine     Engine

 Internet Explorer   Trident    Trident 
 AOL Explorer        Trident    Trident 

 Firefox             Gecko      Gecko   

 Safari              Webkit     WebKit  

 Chrome as of V28    Chromium   Blink   
 Chrome up to V27    Chromium   WebKit  
 Edge as of V80      Chromium   Blink   
 Edge up to V79      Microsoft  EdgeHTML

 Opera as of V15     Chromium   Blink   
 Opera up to V14     Opera      Presto  

 Konqueror           KHTML      KHTML   

 Brave               Chromium   Blink   

 Vivaldi             Chromium   Blink   

 Android browsers    Chromium   Blink   
 iOS browsers        Chromium   WebKit  

browser rendering engine

Software that renders HTML pages (Web pages). A browser rendering engine turns content coded in HTML into the text and images for the screen and printer. Also called a "layout engine," a rendering engine is used by Web browsers, email programs (for HTML email) and other applications that render HTML content. Following is a sampling of popular browsers and their rendering engines. See HTML, HTML email and render.

                    RenderingBrowser             Engine     Source

 Internet Explorer   Trident    Microsoft
 AOL Explorer        Trident    Microsoft

 Firefox             Gecko      Mozilla

 Safari              WebKit     Apple

 Chrome up to V27    WebKit     Apple
 Chrome as of V28    Blink      Chromium

 Edge up to V79      EdgeHTML   Microsoft
 Edge as of V80      Blink      Chromium

 Opera up to V14     Presto     Opera
 Opera as of V15     Blink      Chromium

 Konqueror           KHTML      KHTML

 Brave               Blink      Chromium

 Vivaldi             Blink      Chromium

 Android browsers    Blink      Chromium
 iOS browsers        WebKit     Apple


(1) To make visible; to draw. The term render comes from the graphics world where a rendering is an artist's drawing of what a new structure would look like. In computer-aided design (CAD), a rendering is a particular view of a 3D model that has been converted into a realistic image. It includes basic lighting such as Gouraud shading as well as more sophisticated effects that simulate shadows, reflection and refraction. It may also include the application of textures to the surfaces. See Gouraud shading, Phong shading, texture mapping, ray tracing and rapid prototyping.

(2) To convert any coded content to the required format for display or printing. Although the term is typically used to refer to images, it may refer to any data. For example, an HTML page, which contains text and graphics, is said to be "rendered" when it is displayed. See browser engine.

A Bentley Rendering
Photorealistic pictures require high-end rendering software. This drawing of downtown Philadelphia was rendered in MicroStation MasterPiece from Bentley Systems. (Image courtesy of Bentley Systems, Inc.)

A Pixar Rendering
Pixar's sophisticated RenderMan software was used to simulate water in this example. (Image courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios.)
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The counts of triangle primitives rendered in each visibility category for each view and platform Platform View True visible True invisible False visible False invisible I A 52580 147133 0 287 I B 155090 44236 0 674 I C 52828 147133 0 39 I D 155691 44236 0 73 II A 52585 147133 0 282 II B 155110 44236 0 654 II C 52830 147133 0 37 II D 155688 44236 0 76 In the course of running these triangle rendering tests, we observe that sometimes a triangle covers the entire field of view.
Miller's Nick Chavin and Kevin Small from BGA Media Group worked with Pure, a Germany-based rendering firm, to create for Durst the two original 3-D architectural renderings.
Horton can log into a file transfer protocol server that Outhouse maintains to make annotations to floor plans and renderings. Once an annotation is made, Horton e-mails Outhouse that the change has been done and Outhouse uploads a revised version for Horton to review.
Hiring a single firm to design and develop professional rendering produces a better outcome with less stress for the client.
However, today, the other-worldly quality of those computerized images appears anachronistic given the photo-realism of state-of-the-art rendering packages now available.
The renderings were drafted by Skidmore Owings and Merrill architect, David Childs, and differ from previous versions most obviously in the design of the large arched glass skylights that will act as roofs over the building's two large internal atriums, the Train Hall and Intermodal Hall.
"The [current] rendering has an identical facade to the original and would maintain what some consider the building's significant architectural elements.
Lostutter's use of a visionary and painstaking verisimilitude plays a great role in rendering his transformations palpable.
The 2,500-SF center offers prospective tenants and other visitors a complete overview of the development plan via a large-scale model, building renderings and video presentation.
INDIA, May 23 -- Rendering hair, water and lip movement are some of the toughest things to do when making a video game.
Her goal is to create and implement winning go-to-market strategies and differentiators that will position PRISM as the leader in architectural 3D renderings and animation.