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(aerospace engineering)
The event of two or more objects meeting with zero relative velocity at a preconceived time and place.
The point in space at which such an event takes place, or is to take place.



(1) A meeting agreed upon in advance.

(2) In the navy, an assigned meeting of ships or of units of ships. A rendezvous assignment usually includes the time and the latitude and longitude of the place, as well as approach courses and measures for identifying the ships.


A prearranged meeting of different aircraft, or formations, at a given time and location from which to begin an action, or phase of an operation, or to which to return after an operation.


In Ada, the method of synchronising the activity of different tasks.


Query language, close to natural English.

["Seven Steps to Rendezvous with the Casual User", E. Codd in Data Base Management, J.W. Klimbie et al eds, N-H 1974, pp.179-199].


Apple's version of the Zeroconf (zero configuration) standard from the IETF. Used to automatically configure devices and discover services on an IP network, Bonjour is the most widely used implementation of Zeroconf. It is part of the Mac OS X and iOS operating systems and is built into a great majority of printers. Bonjour is also in the Windows version of iTunes.

On the Mac, Bonjour is used to create buddy lists of available iChat users as well as let people share their iTunes playlists with other network users. It enables Safari Web browser users to find all the Zeroconf-enabled Web servers in the network. Web servers are widely used not just for HTML pages, but function as control panels in myriad devices such as routers and Webcams.

Bonjour for Windows
A Bonjour plug-in for Internet Explorer can also be downloaded and installed to discover Bonjour-enabled printers and devices in the network. Introduced in 2002 as Rendezvous, Apple renamed the software in 2005 due to a trademark conflict. See Zeroconf, UPnP, Mac OS X and Firefly.


(The Information Bus/Rendezvous) Messaging middleware from TIBCO Software Inc., Palo Alto, CA ( that provides the foundation for the TIB/ActiveMatrix suite of application integration products. TIB/Rendezvous supports request/supply and publish and subscribe models and connects to SAP, PeopleSoft and other legacy systems via application adapters. There are also interfaces to MQSeries and MSMQ messaging systems and COM.