Renewable resources

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renewable resources

[ri′nü·ə·bəl ri′sȯr·səs]
(chemical engineering)
Agricultural materials used as feedstocks for industrial processes.

Renewable resources

Resources that can be replenished at a rate equal to or greater than their rate of depletion; such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass resources.
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For every renewable resource k in the problem, we define the set of the last project activities requiring the renewable resource k ([SLA.sub.k]) as the set of activities that require the resource k for execution, but none of their successors requires this resource.
The development, testing, and implementation of renewable resources in composite materials for SMC and Structural Foam RIM as well as the overview of material composition (along with other developing markets and processes for renewable resources in composite materials follows.
To create a sustainable world, inhabitants must use renewable resources no more quickly than they can be regrown.
The plan proposes to meet growing customer needs by advocating more energy efficiency and demand-response, purchasing more renewable resources, expanding electric transmission lines and building or buying more energy from fossil-fuel power plants.
But unlike the paper industry, it doesn't generate half of its own energy needs from renewable resources!
When oil was the driving force, the first federal-territorial Economic Development Agreement (1982) anticipated that the renewable resource sector would be a small-time supplement to major, non-renewable resource developments.(11) After the boom went bust, the importance of renewable resources was given greater emphasis in the second Economic Development Agreement (1987).(12) More recently, the territorial government has explicitly addressed the potential of the renewable resource sector for assisting in development of northern communities.(13)
The company says it can make polyols with 53--68 per cent content from renewable resources, with properties "at least as good as polyols made exclusively from petroleum".
A renewable resource is a naturally occurring resource that can never be used up.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 9, 2016-Bridge Bank names new business line manager for renewable resource group
Dow Polyurethanes introduced Renuva renewable resource technology, a proprietary process that helps polyurethane manufacturers make products that are performance-based and reduce the impact on the environment.
EPUD's only current renewable resource is the Short Mountain Methane Power Plant, which accounts for about 3 percent of the utility's power supply.
As a renewable resource, wood is also known to converse energy better than other materials, she claims.

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