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A proteolytic enzyme produced in the afferent glomerular arteriole which reacts with the plasma component hypertensinogen to produce angiotensin II.



a proteolytic enzyme in vertebrates and humans. It is produced by specialized cells in the arteriole walls of renal glomeruli, from where it passes into the blood and lymph. Renin is one of the enzymes in the renin-angiotensin system. It acts on the specific glycoprotein angiotensinogen by breaking the bond between two leucine radicals. The resultant inactive decapeptide (angiotensin I) is enzymatically converted into the active hormone angiotensin II (hypertensin, or angiotonin). Enzymes resembling renin are found in the uterus, placenta, salivary glands, brain, and the walls of certain major arteries.

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In wild-type rats, inhibition of 1,25(OH)[sub]2D[sub]3 synthesis led to an increase in renin expression, whereas 1,25(OH)[sub]2D[sub]3 supplement led to renin suppression.
Regulation of renin expression and blood pressure by vitamin D 3.
Once homeostasis has been restored, renin production is reduced and, consequently, so does the concentration of aldosterone (SCHULMAN, 2010).
A screening test to identify aldosterone-producing adenoma by measuring plasma renin activity results in hypertensive patients.
Serum levels of renin and Ang II were analyzed by enzyme immunoassay.
The two main factors that led to the demonstration that PA was much more common were: 1) the introduction of the ARR as a screening test, which proved to be more sensitive than aldosterone assessed separately with renin, and 2) the application of the ARR to a wider population to include normokalemic patients and those with milder forms of hypertension.
Renin is a highly regulated enzyme specialized to control blood pressure, fluid volume, and salt balance.
Primary hyperaldosteronism was ruled out by low plasma renin and aldosterone levels.
In the men's Premier Flight, Fahad Khalid and Renin Wilson were declared winners to receive the coveted trophies after the Bahraini pair of Suneet Sebastian and Togy Mathew conceded the match due to an unexpected injury during the first game.
He looked closely at rings of bronchial tissue from rodents, discovering that mast cells in these rings released renin along with other substances.
One of the new products is the first automated test of aldosterone and renin, a hormone system which regulates blood pressure and fluid balance in the body.