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A program in quantum field theory consisting of a set of rules for calculating S-matrix amplitudes which are free of ultraviolet (or short-distance) divergences, order by order in perturbative calculations in an expansion with respect to coupling constants. See Scattering matrix

So far the only field theories known to be renormalizable in four dimensions are those which include spin-0, spin-1/2, and spin-1 fields such that no term in the lagrangian exceeds operator dimension 4. The operator dimension of any term is calculated by assigning dimension 1 to bosons and derivatives ∂μ, and dimension 3/2 to fermions. Spin-1 fields are allowed only if they correspond to the massless gauge potentials of a locally gauge-invariant Yang-Mills-type theory associated with any compact Lie group. The gauge invariance can remain exact or can be allowed to break via spontaneous breakdown without spoiling the renormalizability of the theory. In the latter case the spin-1 field develops a mass. The successful quantum chromodynamics theory describing the strong forces and the SU(2) × U(1) Weinberg-Salam-Glashow gauge model of unified electroweak particle interactions are such renormalizable gauge models containing spin 0, 1/2, and 1 fields. See Electroweak interaction, Fundamental interactions, Quantum chromodynamics, Quantum electrodynamics, Weak nuclear interactions

Effective field theory is a general and powerful method for analyzing quantum field theories over a wide range of length scales. Together with a closely related idea, the Wilson renormalization group, it places renormalization theory on a more general, physical, and rigorous basis. This method is most naturally developed in the Feynman path integral formulation of quantum field theory, where amplitudes are given by an integral over all histories. Each history is weighted by a phase equal to the classical action divided by Planck's constant. See Action

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(quantum mechanics)
In certain quantum field theories, a procedure in which nonphysical bare values of certain quantities such as mass and charge are eliminated and the corresponding physically observable quantities are introduced.
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This allows a substantially simpler decoder renormalization loop (step (3) of function arithmetic_decode()), since in Algorithm Decoder Renormalization (Figure 8) L and V undergo identical changes in each of the three cases of the renormalization loop.
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If we, disregarding renormalization issues, also include the graviton as the force carrier of gravity (which is expected to hold for weak gravitational fields) we see that QCD, QFD and gravity all should disappear exponentially at sufficiently large distances due to the non-zero physical masses of their force carrier particles, only electromagnetism (QED) having truly infinite reach as the physical mass of the photon is equal to zero, as the photon carries no charge.
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(19) In 2017, Maguire and Maguire reviewed recent studies of the gut and skin microbiomes and suggested that Nitrobacter, Lactobacillus, and Bifidobacterium can improve skin health and could be useful bacterial adjuvants in a probiotic and prebiotic strategy in homeostatic renormalization when skin health is compromised.
ANKARA, Aug 31 (KUNA) -- Turkish Foreign Minister Mavlut Cavusoglu said Friday he agreed with his Dtuch counterpart Stef Blok to reinstate Ambassadors as soon as possible following renormalization of ties.
Economic growth at that pace exceeds the expansion of aggregate supply, straining resource use and prodding the Federal Reserve to continue along its path of gradual interest-rate renormalization. But slowing that pace looks less compelling in light of the new data, which suggest that financial-stability risks should be pushed further down the Fed's worry list.
"So I think we are getting to a bit more of a renormalization of sustainable fares."
Given that the Duterte administration prefers avoiding conflict, a mutually satisfactory agreement would move closer to the renormalization of ties between the two countries, according to Heydarian.
RANS based turbulence modeling was undertaken in a steady-state framework using the Renormalization Group Therory (RNG) two equation (k-[epsilon]) model.
The RNG model is developed using renormalization group (RNG) methods to solve the Navier-Stokes equations, to account for the effects of smaller scales of motion.