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To restore to an earlier condition by repairing or remodeling.

What does it mean when you dream about renovation?

A dream about renovation may indicate that old ideas or habits are being replaced by new ways of looking at the world and interacting with others.

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The President vested the renovated Gan Thalava Unit 12 Tank with the public.
In many renovated schools, sewerage system problems also persist.
Renovation work on the houses has begun, but councillors claim that one of houses was not owned by those living in it, which meant that it shouldn't have been renovated by the government.
And although it's summer, class is in session at the newly renovated Universal Institute Charter School, where children clad in plaid uniforms flood hallways decorated with images of prominent African Americans.
This was actually a combined new construction and renovation that resulted in 20 new assisted living units, renovated support spaces and new nursing stations for the nursing home, and a new therapy pool and solarium.
Few Russians in their right mind would show off newly acquired wealth in lavish renovated or new villas.
A chapel inside a Kentucky public school will be renovated and converted into a bathroom before classes resume this fall, an attorney for the school has informed Americans United.
Many of the trainees or their relatives are residents in the housing project, and are far more likely to maintain the homes they have just renovated than if an outside contractor had done the work.
Of those who renovated their property to make extra room (16 per cent), almost three quarters of these respondents chose to renovate as they wanted to stay in the same area.
The newly renovated Ronald McDonald House facility in Manhattan, hosted a Casino Night event for several firms in the real estate and construction industry.