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To restore to an earlier condition by repairing or remodeling.
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What does it mean when you dream about renovation?

A dream about renovation may indicate that old ideas or habits are being replaced by new ways of looking at the world and interacting with others.

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Inside-the-system thinking focuses on strengthening existing systems or capabilities through reductive or renovative actions.
The 'Space Technology Application for Renovative Space Business Exploration (STAR-Exploration)' project, which was launched in March, involves aiding startups devoted to space technology.
Although a Jesuit, he did not choose a high sounding Ignatius for his name or for that matter any of the great name of his predecessors, he went instead for Francis of Assisi -- the poor man of Christ and who was often identified as the poor Christ -- a man who had a colourful and secular adulthood and a man for whom Christ became an existential fascination and through which he had a renovative love for the Church yet showing an angelic openness to nature, birds and animals, finally dialogical even to the apparent hostile diversity of persons and systems.
It added up to a simulacrum of shared democratization, with CJR members solely reveling in renovative bliss.
357) writes of'an extraordinary mode of problem solving' in which bureaucratic systems are sensitised by 'renovative impulses from the periphery', and there is a 'consciousness of crisis, a heightened public attention, an intensified search for solutions ...
While declared good, the creation is still incomplete, and human creatures are not only part of what needs renewal, but also are potentially the ones who herald, through their groans, cries, and prayers inspired by the Spirit, that renovative work.