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To restore to an earlier condition by repairing or remodeling.
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What does it mean when you dream about renovation?

A dream about renovation may indicate that old ideas or habits are being replaced by new ways of looking at the world and interacting with others.

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The US Environmental Protection Agency requires that Renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in pre-1978 homes, childcare facilities and schools must be performed by an EPA Certified Renovator working for an EPA Certified Firm and specific work practices must be implemented to prevent lead contamination.
Another interesting aspect of the competition is the fact that the tyros are supervised by a team of veteran renovators at the construction site, each with a specialization to demonstrate and share.
Cusato says the home renovators would rather see homeowners think in terms of thriving in place, and in terms of making a house more livable for people of all ages.
Renovators must submit a copy of their current certification to the trainer to be eligible to take the refresher course.
Home Hardware Stores Limited is welcoming contractors, renovators, builders and other tradespeople to its newly branded HH Pro Contractor Tradeshows running until spring.
The board of directors for 20142015 is representative of the industry, with participation from a wide range of well-respected builders, renovators, suppliers and professional services.
ERA'S Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP Rule) requires that firms performing renovation, repair, and painting projects in homes, child care facilities and pre-schools built before 1978 have their firm certified by EPA, use certified renovators and follow lead-safe work practices.
Thankfully, there are plenty of enthusiastic property renovators who take great pride in restoring period properties to their former glory and strive to put back in features that are close to what would have been originally there.
At the Captain's Meeting prior to the event, Cast for Cash 2014 Tournament fishing shirts, sponsored by Chase Marine/ Mercury outboards and Dabec Fishing as well as tournament caps sponsored by Painters & Renovators were issued on registration.
After temporary storage in Oxford, the parts will be sold to renovators and builders for use in projects around the country.
But I'm also glad of the work we still have to do in the meantime; glad that the Lord has invited us to be His co-workers, His fellow renovators, by joining Him in the work of renewal.
THE RESTORATION MAN Channel 4, 8pm George Clarke is in Staffordshire this week, where seasoned renovators Alan and Dora Appleby may have bitten off more than they can chew.