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To restore to an earlier condition by repairing or remodeling.

What does it mean when you dream about renovation?

A dream about renovation may indicate that old ideas or habits are being replaced by new ways of looking at the world and interacting with others.

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Individual renovators who received certification on or before March 31, 2010, now have until March 31, 2016, to get recertified.
Typically, renovator certifications expire five years after the date of course completion printed on their training certificate.
Daisy Platt of R&D Builders & Renovators said, “Our goal is to educate the community on how to get the best results for all their property improvement projects at any budget.
Although it can be scary, renovators sometimes need to knock down a wall or two and repartition.
With top-rating programs such as MasterChef and The Renovators now using endless product placements, the report found 45 per cent listed excessive commercials as their biggest concern.
Jotun's 'Colour Trends 2010' range aims to give customers an insight into this year's fashionable colour schemes and wall designs, enabling home decorators and renovators to select the right shades and combinations, it added.
The rule requires lead-safe certification of renovators and companies that disturb six square feet of interior paint in a home, school, or day-care center built before 1978.
The RRP Rule, which originally became effective April 22, requires renovators of buildings built before 1978 to be certified in the safe removal of lead paint.
In fact, maintains NAHB, the EPA has approved only 135 training providers and certified about 14,000 renovators in lead-safe work practices despite its own estimate that more than 200,000 contractors must be trained and certified.
Effective 10 April 2010 all renovation of housing constructed before 1978 and of child-occupied facilities (such as schools) must be performed by certified renovators using specific lead-safe work practices.
UNCA's Lead Poisoning Prevention Program is looking to help painters, renovators, maintenance workers, realtors and anyone else working on their pre-1978 home stay ahead of the curve by offering eight-hour education courses.
Not only are the majority of current self-builders and renovators still continuing with their projects, but more people are beginning to recognise it as an affordable and rewarding way to improve their position on the property ladder.