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A group of ribonucleic acid-containing animal viruses, including agents of encephalitis and phlebotomus fever.



a group of RNA viruses isolated from man, mammals, and birds. The virus particle is 60-90 nanometers in diameter. The outer membrane (capsid), which protects the inner capsid with double-stranded ribonucleic acid, consists of protein subunits (capsomers).

Reoviruses contain the enzyme RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. They multiply in cytoplasm. Since the pathogenicity of reoviruses for man and animals has not been consistently demonstrated, the viruses are viewed as potentially pathogenic. The reoviruses also include the viruses of rice dwarf, of wound plant tumors, and of cytoplasmic polyhedral disease of insects.

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The investigators concluded that a single IV administration of reovirus led to substantial tumor growth delay in melanoma-bearing nude mice, and the extent of acute phase reovirus replication in tumor tissues appeared to predict the subsequent tumor response.
These results reinforce the results of previous studies that investigated the interaction between the reovirus and the immune system," said Dr.
Oncolytics' researchers have demonstrated that the reovirus is able to selectively kill cancer cells and, in vitro, kill human cancer cells that are derived from many types of cancer including breast, prostate, pancreatic, bladder and brain tumors, and have also demonstrated successful cancer treatment results in a number of animal models.
It expands our already substantial portfolio of patents which cover the production of therapeutic reovirus.
The poster highlights the researchers' use of isolated human cells to examine whether the use of the reovirus as a direct tumour killing agent might also activate the innate immune system to play a role in the killing of tumour cells.
The claims in Oncolytics' second Canadian patent provide broad coverage for the use of reovirus in treating cellular proliferative disorders including cancers," said Dr.
The reovirus has shown effectiveness in a number of animal model studies including canine.
Hardev Pandha and colleagues are scheduled to present a poster presentation entitled "A Phase I Study to Evaluate the Feasibility, Safety, and Biological Effects of Intravenous Administration of a Wild-Type Reovirus (REOLYSIN(R)) in Combination with Docetaxel to Patients with Advanced Malignancies" at the iSBTc annual meeting.
This patent provides coverage for methods of identifying patients that should have a high likelihood of response to reovirus treatment, by measuring Ras-MAP signaling through biopsies or other biological samples collected from those patients," said Dr.
The reovirus is a naturally occurring virus that has shown effectiveness in a number of animal model studies including canine.
TSX: ONC, NASDAQ: ONCY) announced today that two presentations covering preclinical work using the reovirus are scheduled to be delivered by Dr.
The claims relate to a method of producing infectious mammalian reovirus which is suitable for clinical administration to mammals including humans.