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A group of ribonucleic acid-containing animal viruses, including agents of encephalitis and phlebotomus fever.



a group of RNA viruses isolated from man, mammals, and birds. The virus particle is 60-90 nanometers in diameter. The outer membrane (capsid), which protects the inner capsid with double-stranded ribonucleic acid, consists of protein subunits (capsomers).

Reoviruses contain the enzyme RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. They multiply in cytoplasm. Since the pathogenicity of reoviruses for man and animals has not been consistently demonstrated, the viruses are viewed as potentially pathogenic. The reoviruses also include the viruses of rice dwarf, of wound plant tumors, and of cytoplasmic polyhedral disease of insects.

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Synthesis of viral mRNAs by in vitro transcription using purified reovirus had already been demonstrated.
A multi-centre study, involving labs in the UK and America, collected growth media from reovirus infected melanoma cells.
Los titulos de anticuerpos se determinaron con un kit de ELISA comercial (IDEXX) al inicio y al final de la campana, y se expresaron en promedio geometrico total (PGT) y coeficiente de variacion (CV) para Newcastle (ENC), Bronquitis Infecciosa (BI), Gumboro, Anemia infecciosa (AI) y Reovirus (REO).
Their work also establishes that reovirus and enterovirus contamination may be a seasonal event.
The new work also shows that the surface-bound viruses contribute no genetic material in the process; rather, their mere presence on the host cell's outer membrane seems to change some aspect of the cellular environment in a way that's favorable to reovirus RNA infection and replication.
1981) Intestinal M cells: a pathway for entry of reovirus into the host.
Reovirus would suppress the immune system, making birds susceptible to other conditions like salmonellosis and aspergillosis--it was like a triple whammy.
What's left is a virus in search of a host, and reovirus loves the environment inside a specific kind of cancer cell," said Deepa Subramaniam, the study's lead investigator at Lombardi.
Dentre estes, podem ser citados os virus da doenca infecciosa da bolsa (IBDV), o reovirus aviario (ARV), a bronquite infecciosa das galinhas (IBV) e o virus da bouba aviaria (FPV) (LUKERT & SAIF, 2003).
Calgary, Canada) has patented methods for treating proliferative disorders, by administering reovirus to a Ras-mediated proliferative disorder.
La complicacion mas comun y severa es el complejo respiratorio bovino donde estan involucrados otros virus como el virus de la diarrea viral bovina, el virus respiratorio sincitial, los adenovirus, reovirus y coronavirus y el Parainfluencia-3; y bacterias como Pasteurella haemolitica, Pasteurella multocida, chlamydia y micoplasma.