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A group of ribonucleic acid-containing animal viruses, including agents of encephalitis and phlebotomus fever.



a group of RNA viruses isolated from man, mammals, and birds. The virus particle is 60-90 nanometers in diameter. The outer membrane (capsid), which protects the inner capsid with double-stranded ribonucleic acid, consists of protein subunits (capsomers).

Reoviruses contain the enzyme RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. They multiply in cytoplasm. Since the pathogenicity of reoviruses for man and animals has not been consistently demonstrated, the viruses are viewed as potentially pathogenic. The reoviruses also include the viruses of rice dwarf, of wound plant tumors, and of cytoplasmic polyhedral disease of insects.

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Joklik says he and his Duke colleagues will test their gene-insertion techniques later this month on reoviruses more dangerous than the innocuous strains they've tinkered with so far.
For the first time, molecular biologists have edited the genetic code within infectious agents called reoviruses, members of a virus family that kills millions of Third World children each year.
The discrepancy initially observed between immunofluoresence and RT-PCR results may be attributed to the cross-reactivity of the Pan-Entero Blend reagent toward reoviruses, as mentioned in the manufacturer's description.
The sequences of the MRV2Tou05 S1 gene showed great diversity at the nucleotide and amino acid levels, compared with the S1 gene from mammalian reoviruses and SC-A strains (Tables 2, 3).
Classification of Dutch and German avian reoviruses by sequencing the sigma C protein.
Forward looking statements, including among others, the Company's belief as to the safety and efficacy of the reassorted reoviruses, the Company's expectations as to the potential applications of the patented technology and other statements relating to anticipated developments in the Company's business and technologies, involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause the Company's actual results to differ materially from those in the forward looking statements.
2) Although they are not always pathogenic, avian reoviruses may cause serious disease in birds, especially in poultry.
Immunosuppression induced by avian reoviruses can predispose the host to other pathogens and account for the diversity of syndromes associated with reoviruses.
citri Reovirus (DcRV) relationships with other reoviruses, a phylogenetic tree was constructed by the neighbor-joining (NJ) methodology (Fig.
Bystander immune-mediated therapy may well be an important component in the treatment of cancer by reoviruses, and may have potential in treating cancer even in the absence of live virus," said Prof Alan Melcher, from Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine.