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Larnaca's rundown marina will get a totally new facelift with modern amenities and facilities including a dry repair dock and a place where yachts can actually be built.
Staff from Harris Pye worked at H&W's Belfast Repair Dock to ensure all work was completed on the vessel in under 28 days.
Upon full completion in 2010, it will be the largest modern-designed repair dock in China with capacity of 250 vessels per year, equipped with four ultra-large dry docks (two of which can accommodate 300,000dwt class VLCC or VLOC), two slipways, ten repair berths, painting workshop and mechanical-electrical workshop.
Two flying boats fly over to survey the repair progress on US ships damaged in the December 7, 1941, raid and to bomb the navy's 1010 repair dock. The bombs land miles off target.
The Oita Prefecture builder of tankers and auto carriers will also build a repair dock at the new facility and expand an existing shipyard elsewhere in Oita in view of growing shipping activity worldwide, company officials said, adding it will spend 14 billion yen on the capital investment.
SS Nomadic, the last known White Star vessel, arrived in Belfast on Saturday but has been moored at Harland & Wolff's (H&W) ship repair dock for the clean-up - to be ready for its unveiling Odyssey.
Yard bosses began to believe the tanker was permanently jinxed when she nearly ran aground again on her way to the repair dock and firemen had to fight a blaze in her holds.
The port complex includes a common loading terminal, bulk cargo terminal, polypropylene terminal, as well as shipbuilding and ship repair docks. Also the motor car road with trestle junctions has been built, and the railway road has been laid.
(3) Maintaining capabilities--General Dynamics Electric Boat invested to repair docks in order to maintain the shipyard's ability to launch and repair submarines.
In recent years, the construction of repair docks in China is sped up and great achievements have been made.