repeat loop

repeat loop

(Or "do loop") A loop construct found in many procedural languages which repeatedly executes some instructions while a condition is true.

Repeat loops are found in Perl, Pascal, BASIC and C. The initial keyword may be "repeat" or "do" and the condition may be introduced with a "while" or "until" keyword.

In constrast to a while loop, the "loop body" is executed once before the condition is tested. This is useful when the condition depends on the action of the loop body. In the following BASIC loop "Hello" is printed once despite the fact that the condition is false;

i = 2 repeat print "Hello" i = i+1 until i>0

See also while loop and for loop.
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Heading into Sundays final four tests, a repeat loop of the 11.
The consequence of that repeat loop of failure is being felt by people all over Scotland and beyond.
In general I hoped I would get more confidence on the repeat loop but, passing so many crashed cars, it didn't happen.
is smaller than or equal to [omega](G), the condition to exit the repeat loop implies that there are at least
Proof: Since [omega] is smaller than or equal to [omega](G), the condition to exit the repeat loop implies that there are at least
Subsequently, he developed a new pelvic collection and persistent pouchpresacral space fistula that was treated with a laparoscopic drainage and repeat loop ileostomy.
According to the values for b1 to b4, the repeat loop enters the first if-then statement (line 14) only.
Sundays final four asphalt stages - a repeat loop of the 19.
Put the contestants first, drop the judges' bickering and pension off Louis Walsh as he and his quips are on repeat loop from every previous series he's appeared in.
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