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in repertoire denoting the performance of two or more plays, ballets, etc., by the same company in the same venue on different evenings over a period of time



the dramatic or musical works performed in a theater or by an orchestra; also, the roles that an actor is prepared to perform. A repertoire may be classical, modern, or contemporary. It also differs according to the type of theater (for example, opera or variety), style, and genre (for example, comic or romantic). A theater’s ideological and artistic viewpoints are directly expressed in its repertoire.

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La Cite de la musique a deja mis en ligne plusieurs de ces repertoires dont l'edition papier est epuisee et ne sera pas reeditee.
A third repertoire does not focus on the possible opposition between the social and the artistic, but is centered on the notion of the "right to culture.
However, Hoover is egalitarian: all nations with available repertoire are included, even if the catalogue is brief.
Eagling says that he'd like to take risks with a broader repertoire at ENB.
Some of this is quite useful, particularly her early chapters on culture as repertoire and her descriptions of when and why people rely most on the tools of culture.
Like learning history, a repertoire of behavior can be viewed as a cause (independent variable) and, as an effect (dependent variable) (Staats, 1968):
The new B-Cell and 5Unbiased Enrichment Kits will add to the Chromium V(D)J Solution for Immune Repertoire Sequencing, first launched for paired T-Cell receptor sequencing last spring.
Featuring 27 pieces by composers Barber, Dave Brubeck, Norman Dello Joio, Charles Griffes, Muczynski, Alexander Tcherepnin, William Schuman and Virgil Thomson, the featured repertoire makes for a nice progression from the previous volume.
She said, "When I was a student I never chose my own repertoire or had any part in that.
Cornejo, who will also be a principal, looks forward to performing the company's mix of classical and contemporary repertoire.

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