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in repertoire denoting the performance of two or more plays, ballets, etc., by the same company in the same venue on different evenings over a period of time



the dramatic or musical works performed in a theater or by an orchestra; also, the roles that an actor is prepared to perform. A repertoire may be classical, modern, or contemporary. It also differs according to the type of theater (for example, opera or variety), style, and genre (for example, comic or romantic). A theater’s ideological and artistic viewpoints are directly expressed in its repertoire.

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Ce choix et ces commentaires sont effectues par des enseignants de l'instrument, reconnus pour leur experience pedagogique et leur curiosite pour le repertoire musical.
Within the scope of the present article it is not possible to report in detail on each of these three steps or to present a complete discussion of all the different repertoires we extracted from our comparative discourse analysis (for this we refer to Ph.
Similarly, after discussing a number of BBRs, such as attention, imitation, motivation, and language skills, Staats says, "Each of the basic behavioral repertoires of skill that has been discussed herein is given that term because such a repertoire will be important in the acquisition of more advanced skills" (1971, p.
Tilly, "Contentious Repertoires in Great Britain, 1758-1834," Social Science History 17 (Summer 1993): 257,264,265,268.
ANYTHING YOU CAN DO Although Beecher doesn't rule out sexual selection as a force pushing the evolution of repertoires, he has focused on the songs' uses in disputes among males.
Today the twelve-member company performs a sophisticated repertoire by upcoming international contemporary dance choreographers.
In the late 1970s, several years after researchers at Michigan had begun to compile this database of CGs, Tilly introduced the notion of repertoires into the study.
An accomplished musician who trained as a classical pianist, Mills refers to himself as "primarily a classicist" even though the bulk of his repertoire is contemporary.
Studies of birds raised in laboratories with different song environments have demonstrated that other species with complicated songs learn their repertoires.
Then the ballet will be taken into his own repertoire.
Using DNA fingerprinting to match males with their offspring, the scientists found that the larger the father's repertoire, the greater the survival rate of his offspring.
But however important you deem a heritage repertoire, the future also lies with new works and new choreographers.

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