repetitive strain injury

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repetitive strain injury:

see repetitive stress injuryrepetitive stress injury
or repetitive strain injury
(RSI), injury caused by repeated movement of a particular part of the body. Often seen in workers whose physical routine is unvaried, RSI has become epidemic since computers have entered the workplace in large
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repetitive strain injury

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(Repetitive Strain Injury) Ailments of the hands, neck, back and eyes due to computer use. The remedy for RSI is frequent breaks which should include stretching or yoga postures. See carpal tunnel syndrome, Maltron keyboard, wrist rest, Nintendo thumb, iPod finger and repetitive brain injury.
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"I didn't know what was wrong so I went to a consultant in Bristol last week and she diagnosed it as repetitive strain injury, rather like tennis elbow."
Fortunately, she finally took a three-month rest from the cello and confessed to her teacher, Janos Starker, that she had been suffering from repetitive strain injury (RSI).
The Computer Related Repetitive Strain Injury Web Site ee/eeshop/ris.html
Many repetitive strain injury complaints come from employees who work on assembly lines or at computer keyboards for long hours at a time.
THIS is the time of year when fans, desperate to read anything about their club, contract repetitive strain injury checking even the most obscure websites for stories.
I experienced this therapy about six months ago to ease the repetitive strain injury that I had developed from using the computer.
The Thermo Scientific 8-Channel Decapper for handheld capping and decapping of multiple tubes in a 96-well microplate footprint has the ability to remove and replace screw caps with precision and ease, eliminating time-consuming manual capping and de-capping as well as the risk of repetitive strain injury. This handheld decapper is suited for any laboratory requiring faster, uniform capping that doesn't necessitate a fully-automated system.
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Physiotherapists and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) sufferers have advised Twitter users to moderate their time on the site - or risk it ruining their health.
Her GP had previously diagnosed a repetitive strain injury.
So much so that the European Union issued a directive to workplaces to ensure that those who work with computers don't suffer from eye strain, repetitive strain injury and tiredness.
A typist with the RAF is to be paid almost half a million pounds because she developed repetitive strain injury from typing and it made her depressed.

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